Russian Paralympians were forbidden to associate themselves with their country in social networks

Athletes of the Russian national Paralympic team that will compete in Pyeongchang, not to mention in social networks about his citizenship, and provide any information associating them with their country. The relevant memo was signed by every athlete.

According to the senior trainer of the Paralympic national team of Russia on ski races and biathlon Irina Gromova, access games got 34 athletes. None of them can say that he is from Russia and to use national symbols, even in a social network. “We have something to write, but to put the pennants we are forbidden,” she said.

The coach also noted a dramatic change in the attitude of foreign athletes to the Russians for the worse. “Previously with our children all communicated properly, now just pass by,” said she. While Gromov connects this attitude with the fact that the Russians take too much gold. Turns out, she says, for them the main thing – to win at any cost, and they crossed through honour and friendship.

The press service of the Russian Paralympic Committee said that the Russians admitted to the qualification starts under the flag of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), however, the decision about their participation in the Paralympic games in Pyeongchang, which will be held in March, will be made by the IASC in December.

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