Russian players were advised not to smoke Shisha in order not to fail a doping test

The Russian football Union (RFU) has published a special memo for the domestic players, which makes recommendations to the athletes missed doping. For example, players are advised not to smoke Shisha and drink exotic tea.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

The Russian football Union (RFU) began his address to the athletes, who sat in the absence of positive doping tests among players for the past four years. However, noted the importance of adhering to “purity” and further, in connection with which gave a list of recommendations.

Players are advised to refer not to the usual clinic, and in medical-sports clinics, and to remind doctors that at any time players can check for banned substances. Also the RFU recommends to carefully check the composition of all drugs purchased in pharmacies, and also see certificates for meat from South America and China, as it often contains clenbuterol.

to buy sports nutrition and dietary Supplements companies with a range of products prohibited by anti-doping legislation;
— to remember that very often (up to 25% of cases) on the label sports nutrition are not all contained substance;
— do not smoke hookah;

— RFU (@official_rfs) 30 March 2018.

In addition, players are advised not to smoke hookah and no exotic teas, and not to resort to drugs for weight loss. The memo ended up on the calls to be vigilant, because at stake is the whole sports career.

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