Russian scientists found that the spider’s venom can save you from paralysis

Moscow, 9 APR – AIF-Moscow.

Russian scientists together with their foreign colleagues found that the venom of the spider Heriaeus melloteei can be the basis for medicines from hypokalemic periodic paralysis.

As specified in the press service of the Moscow state University, the cause of this disease is the mutation of genes that leads to the emergence of the so-called currents “leakage” through the potential-dependent ion channels NaV1.4 in skeletal muscle.

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As a result of this defect in the muscle can not respond to the signals of the nervous system, and develops the weakness up to paralysis. Until now scientists have not been able to find a reliable remedy for all cases of this disease.

Researchers have studied the causes of “wrong” work damaged by mutation of the channel. As a blocker was first taken toxin from the venom of the spider Heriaeus melloteei. The results of the experiment showed that the toxin is able to capture the capacity-sensitive portion of the channel in position, eliminating the current “leak”.

Professor of Moscow state University and head of the laboratory of the IBCH RAS Alexander Vasilevsky praised the study and noted that the scientists opens up new prospects for the development of drugs.

“The opening of this action of the toxin allows us to hope that it is possible to create effective drugs for the treatment of patients with hypokalemic paralysis and other similar ailments,” said he.

The results of the research supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian science Foundation was published in the journal PNAS.

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