Russians are massively going abroad: the number of visits increased by 25%

The number of trips abroad in 2017, increased by 25% to 40 million this was announced by Rosstat. In 2016, the Russian tourists traveled abroad a total of 31.7 million times. However, the figure of the previous year have been far behind the pre-crisis result 2013. Then the Russians visited foreign countries a record 54.1 million times. If the volume of outbound tourist flow over the years have fallen substantially, the leader in demand among overseas destinations have not changed. Most of our tourists visit Turkey.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The Federal tourism Agency expects that in 2018, the growth of outbound tourist flow will increase by 15-17%.

The strengthening of the ruble from 2015, and its stability in 2017 a positive impact on the growth of foreign tourism, said a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. The warming of relations with the Turkish Republic and the full restoration of air travel also contributed to the increase in demand.

Turkey in 2017, received a record number of Russian tourists, exceeding the result of best 2014. For the year, according to the Turkish statistics, the country was visited by about 5 million In 2016, Turkey was visited by only 866 thousand Russian tourists.

“The growth in the outbound tourism market in 2018 has been partly responsible for the stagnation internal”, — the expert continued. Recall that in Sochi in the summer of 2017 tourist activity has decreased compared to the previous summer season. According to the local mayor’s office to keep the number of tourists was only due to the major sporting and other events. In the Crimea, the decline in tourist arrivals amounted to almost 4%.

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