Ryabkov called speculation, different versions of media for “cocaine case”

Ekaterina Izmestieva

/ AiF

Moscow, 28 February – AIF-Moscow.

Various stuffing of the information emerging in recent days regarding the situation with “cocaine deal” belong to the category of fake news with the purpose of denigrating the Russian-Argentine relations.

This was stated by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, commenting on the emergence of different versions in respect of the supply of drugs from Argentina, said RIA Novosti.

“Invention and manufacture of all the details that cluttered this situation, people are doing that charged initially on seeking out the negative and inventing fables, by and large, focused on the denigration of productive and largely unprecedented cooperation that made possible the disclosure of the circumstances of this high profile case,” he said.

What kind of “coke thing” on the supply of drugs from Argentina?

All these throws have nothing to do with reality, said Ryabkov. This is particularly true of speculation that the first Argentine intelligence services worked, and then joined the Russian side. It was exactly the opposite, said Deputy foreign Minister.

He also described as “malicious slander and speculation from the category fake news” speculations about the alleged involvement in the case of certain structures that have not been mentioned in the comments of the FSB and the Russian foreign Ministry.

According to Ryabkov, this topic is no more sense to discuss. On how the situation develops, it is advised to check with law enforcement.

Earlier it became known that the Russian and Argentinean intelligence agencies have been able to work together to prevent the delivery of large quantities of drugs from Argentina. In Moscow on this case were arrested three people. According to the FSB, the organizer of criminal group is now hiding in Germany.

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