Sands: the Kremlin entered the list of the businessmen, wishing to return to Russia

Roman Kolgushkin

/ AiF

Moscow, February 7 – AIF-Moscow.

The list of entrepreneurs of a business Ombudsman Boris Titov, who would like to come back from the UK and other countries to Russia, arrived in the Kremlin, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

Mystery list “Titova”. Fugitive oligarchs being asked back to Russia?

According to him, the day before the letter with the list received in the presidential administration. The document will be worked on in the units, including in consultation with structures of power, which for one reason or another, had questions for the specified list of persons, reports RIA Novosti.

Previously Peskov said that the list has not yet been reported to the Kremlin.

Meanwhile Titov said that the list of Russian businessmen who want to return home, but kryvushyna in the UK from Russian justice, submitted to President Vladimir Putin. The Ombudsman noted that we are talking about those whose court cases can be reviewed. While Titov did not name the names included in the list of businessmen, but hinted that there was more ten.

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