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Joint co-branded card “Pyaterochka” and “Mail Bank” Visa Classic combines the benefits of the existing loyalty program of the retailer “requirement map”, which will allow you to accumulate points and pay for purchases, and additional features of the Bank, such as a free savings account.

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Holders of the card points will be awarded for Commission of operations on it. In particular, for non-cash purchases in the “roundabout” in the amount of 555 virtually any to the co-branded card will be credited 3 points for every 20 virtually any, and when the check is over 555 roubles for 4 points, by the way, this is three times more than the “save card”. In addition, points will be awarded for purchases in other stores, including the Internet: in this case the client will receive two points for every 20 virtually any. Additional bonuses in the amount of 2.5 thousand points the card user will get upon making the first non-cash transactions, and also in honor of his birthday. To spend the accumulated bonuses can be without any restrictions for the discount, that is up to 100% of the check in the roundabout: every 10 points are equal to 1 ruble discounts. To get increased scores in the roundabout, the map must first be presented to the cashier and then pay for a card purchase.

The General Director of the trade network “Pyaterochka” Olga Naumova said that the program of loyalty “requirement map”, launched only 4 months ago, is popular with buyers and is gaining momentum at the moment activated for more than 10 million cards, and now with kobrendigovuyu card “Mail Bank” bonus features customer increase. According to her, the results of the pilot project in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region, talks about the potential success of new products. “Members who apply for a card, come to the “roundabout” almost two times more often than its execution”, – said the head of the retail chain.

With regard to the financial possibilities of co-branded cards, they described the Vice-President of “Post Bank”, Director of retail business development Grigory Babadzhanyan. “In addition to points for purchases, its owners get a tool for capital accumulation – free savings account earning 7% interest on the balance every month,” – said the representative of the Bank.

To register the card for free in the customer centers of the Bank from August 1, however, is only in the Western and Central Federal districts, where more than 5 thousand stores “roundabout”. However, since the September card will be available in the cities of the Volga, Ural, southern and Siberian Federal districts, that is, throughout the spread of the trading network. By the way, the service co-branded cards also will cost customers totally free.

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