Sberbank became a dream company

The head of Sberbank German Gref spoke at the panel session of the Davos forum “Management according to the Agile principles in the era of the fourth industrial revolution”. Leading scientists in the field of innovation and the heads of tech giants that participated in the session discussed the opportunities and benefits of agile methods for companies, employees and customers.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Agile methodology was originally created as a way to write code, but today it has become a way of life for many companies and labor organization, as previously noted Herman Gref. Now Agile is used as an effective practice of organization of work of small groups in Association with the management of the combined method, based on a democratic approach. In Sberbank in 2016 start agile transformation and in Davos the head of the Bank shared with the participants experience and already achieved success in this area.

“Unlike the tech giants and FINTECH companies, the savings Bank was not a company that operates according to the principles of Agile from the very beginning, — said Herman Gref. — However, we have demonstrated that the management philosophy of the XXI century can be successfully implemented and benefit the company and customers — regardless of the number of operating personnel.”

He explained that in the savings Bank Agile transformation focused in three main areas: customer satisfaction, employee productivity and improved key performance indicators. “One of the indicators is the time required for decision-making, to bring the product to market and product delivery to customers, – said the head of Sberbank, – Through this approach we significantly increased the speed of work: for example, by reducing the time to bring the product to market to a few weeks compared to several months earlier. And most importantly, we were able to help our customers to save them time-the most precious resource.”

Other panelists steel scientist Erik Brynjolfsson, Commissioner for research, science and innovation, Carlos Moedas European Commission, General Director Hitachi Hiroaki Nakanishi, Executive Director, HumanRightsWatch, Kenneth Roth, moderated the discussion, the Dean of the school of public management. Blavatnik Oxford University Naire woods.

The main goal of Agile transformation is to bring new products to market. If earlier, from the inception of the idea to its implementation took 2 years, now the process takes only a few months. This speed will be achieved by the reorganization of work of the employees: now divided into “tribe” – divisions focusing on various areas of products and services. Each “tribe” consists of 15 teams, comprising of approximately 10 people. They work on tasks sprints with a period of two weeks each. In 2017, the savings Bank has opened several new offices in the agile format, like in the best tradition of Silicon valley: interiors with modern design, work areas with sofas, cozy Seating areas and conference rooms, private rooms for phone calls, in short, created an ergonomic space for comfortable efficient operation where you want to go. In Agile there are no office of the Executive managers and their subordinates are kept together in open space. Talking about the transformation of Sberbank into an Agile company, German Gref said that the Bank has reached such a level that competes not with Russian companies, and with giants like Amazon and Google and not going to stop there.

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