Scandal bobsleistki Hope Sergeeva has led to medical error

Bobsleistku Nadezhda Sergeeva was not supposed to go to the Olympic games in Pyeongchang for medical reasons, but in the end went, announced on its official website FBSR, the national Federation for the sport.


An error has occurred because the Federal medical-biological Agency has not submitted any documents in this regard. Sergeyev took the first survey at the end of September, during it and revealed a disturbance of heart rhythm. Re-conducted on December 19, was to put an end to the Olympic dreams of the girl. And so it would be better: won with partner Anastasia Kochergova only took 12th place in the heats of the women (the fairer sex involved only “two”), a few days later she was caught drug Trimetazidine. This medicine is just prescribed for angina or coronary heart disease, although a drug with so-called “unproven effectiveness”. In 2014, it was included in the prohibited list. But the therapeutic resolution by reason of the negligence of other instances of ignorance or the most Sergeeva was not executed, although bobsleistku had a full base. Instead, the scandal and the disqualification.

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