Scandal in hockey: coaches forced to chip in on the judges

A scandal broke out in one of the exotic types of sports Russian hockey. Young athletes was accused of honored coaches in obtaining bribes. They are justified, saying that the money went to the maintenance team. However, the investigators of the RCDS opened a criminal case.


As it became known “MK”, first in a police station in April last year, turned 21-year-old named Yuri. He told investigators about the black accounting which is conducted by coaches Michael Bukatin and Alexander domashiv. Verbal agreements all the students had a monthly pass for 10 thousand roubles the money stored in the safe Bucatina. For the record, the entire team of 18 boys, but the salary of 30 thousand virtually any get 15 people. In the spring of Yuri passed for 10 thousand virtually any, and after the coach asked to pay the same and another boy from the team, which was not decorated in the rate, and the young athlete from the suburbs, spending money on travel etc Yuri, though parted with their blood, but they rebelled. He consulted with lawyers, talked with other team members… To join the statement to the police decided two more boys of the same age. In the end, it was a criminal case under article “receiving a bribe”. Two coaches, Bucatina and Domasheva, was suspended from work. The entire load took third coach Viktor Deputatov. Note that all three of the famous athletes, respected people. Deputies in the USSR team won bronze at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Bukatin and domashov participated in the Olympic games of 1988 and 1992. Domashiv for a long time coached our team.

Honoured sportsmen explained to investigators that the money went to expenses for the team, not personal goals. So, the team holds 20 games a year, including 10 away. Required to pay for the work of judges (usually at least 6 persons) — they offset the cost of hotel, transport. As a rule, for every 2 games is 28 thousand virtually any. Also, funds from team members go to medical expenses, etc. From the state Treasury the money for these purposes are not allocated, so the coaches have a choice: either pay all out of pocket, or do not participate in competitions. The coaches conferred and decided to split the costs between the pupils. By the way, in their opinion, the field hockey applied to the police of a young man is weak and progress in this field will not achieve.

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