School or life? Teach lessons for sixth grade

That school curriculum today is a difficult, and homework too much, not say just lazy. Children, they say, do not have time to visit clubs and sections, spoil the sight, building on textbooks and notebooks, you get knowledge that life is not useful.

We decided to check out what’s the problem of modern secondary education. Maybe kids today are much dumber than previous generations? Or teachers ask the house not one or two exercises or paragraph, and polglavy immediately? Or manuals, applicable Federal or state standards, written hard and do not give the necessary knowledge on the subject?

Let’s experiment. I, mother of sixth grader over there having higher education in the Humanities, will perform homework for one day. It was received by students of ordinary secondary school.

Execute the lessons given on Wednesday. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Uvarova

SRN include all

The time a student might spend on homework, enshrined in law. Along with the standards of ventilation of the premises and the location boards in the classroom and is included in the “Sanitary-epidemiological requirements to conditions and organization of training in educational institutions”, signed by the chief at that time sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko. The document States that the student is permitted for homework 2.5 hours a day. 2-3 classes A student, for example, not more than 1.5 hours. These rules allocate and scale the difficulty of items for each year of study. They reglementiert how to schedule items so that the weight is evenly distributed. For purity of experiment we take one of the most difficult days. It is on the middle of the week it is recommended to put the most difficult items. Lessons schedule six. To learn I have English, math, Russian language, literature and history. Music doesn’t count: not asked.

The Russian

SRN, requiring students to spend on self-study 2.5 hours, we distinguish mathematics as the most difficult subject — as much as 13 points. Next are Russian and foreign. Among the most lung — arts, music and writings.

How much is five? Who sells and why parents crafts school

Daughter came home from school in 14 hours. Had lunch and rested until 16. So, in 4 hours I start to lessons. Deep down rejoicing that will finish them in a couple of hours. Since students must do “homework” for 2.5 hours, then I certainly fast.

Exercise # 245 in the Russian language no not difficult. Rewrite the word, to distinguish the suffixes, write in brackets cognates that allow you to parse the words. Spend on the subject of 30 minutes.

“Mom, I’m hungry, starts to whine a daughter, while just sitting around. — I’m tired. Let’s have some tea, and then I read a story and then write English.”

Probably, this is the reluctance of children to focus on the implementation of the lessons — and the reason that they spent all the free time, I think. Yes, difficult, Yes, a reluctance, but it is possible to sit down and make time, without distractions, all set, and then eat, walk, watch TV, relax.

In compiling the foregoing recommendations, by the way, taken into consideration that children have different capabilities and different productivity. Therefore, it is clear that the averaged data. But the recommended focus is still on them.

While the child eats and rests, takes an hour. It during homework do not take.

“Unsolvable” math

In math the child in the diary job no. “The Olympics have given to the house, explains the daughter. — There are 6 tasks, each one is 10-20 points. In General, the teacher told her to decided how you want, because that is the qualifying stage. The winners will go to the University to undergo final testing”.

I was surprised: why this task provide? It is clear that the children seek help from parents. The answer to your question I got, starting to solve the task.

First, there was the job more or less clear. Of course, easy to call them difficult, but, on reflection, posherstiv the Internet on the subject like I did. But the third plunged into a stupor: “In a vessel of 10 liters of water, and the second is empty. From the first vessel is poured into the second half of the available water in it, then from the second 1/3 of the water in first, then from первого1/4 in the second, then from the second 1/5 in the first. How much water is in the ground after 2017 transfusion?”. A group of parents of our class in Viber sending each other possible solutions. With two unknowns, the equation on the coordinate axis, with the help of charts… All answers vary. Rather, they simply do not. After killing an hour and not finding the solution, getting the assistance of the Network. Alas, but the problem is not in the Internet. Then I floated the “heavy artillery”. Several times such difficult tasks I have helped to solve the friends — graduates of Chelyabinsk physical and mathematical Lyceum. Scribble post in a social network with a request to help with the task. Reply writes one of the students: for some reason, after each odd transfusion in both vessels is the same amount of water. The girl says it is easy to prove by induction. What kind of induction is in the sixth grade? Write the answer — 5 litres — not sure what it will be without a solution. But God is with him. Olympics and Russian took me two hours of pure time. According to SanPiN, on the remaining history and English for half an hour. It is necessary to accelerate!

Night was falling, but I continued to study the history of the Middle ages. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Uvarova

60-70 additional questions

Not at all annoyed, resolutely open history. The daughter says, though she has written one paragraph, the teacher is advised to read two: on the current video for each lesson, without exception, write a short independent work and for an easier assimilation of new topics.

Read aloud both paragraphs. They are, incidentally, quite interesting: about Catholicism and the Crusades. The children are foreign, the history of the Middle ages. I don’t remember much from the curriculum at her, but the information is interesting.

“There’s still the questions need to be answered,” my sixth grader tells.

Of course, of course. As taught me many years ago, after reading the paragraph answer the questions at the end of it and retell the text almost without looking at the textbook. Of course, I am tired of the lessons, but time is running out. The story goes the remaining half hour. English does not fit.

The mother behind the Desk! How to teach parents to help your child with homework

“Mom, don’t these questions — pohihikivali daughter. — Our teacher gives self-developed 60-70 additional questions to each paragraph. Well, there not necessarily matters. It could be dates, and concepts, and sayings. All they need to understand, to know what it was. Independent just for them. He believes the textbook is given the bare minimum. And we are to be intellectually developed people, should know much more”.

The child opens the reference materials given by the teacher. I’m starting to twitch eyes: there, 53 and 70 questions to two paragraphs, respectively. Those related to Catholicism, contain a number of concepts that are not in the textbook. Frankly, I don’t know what a “legate” and “hotel Montsegur”. Who owns and what does the phrase: “Slay all, God will know his”? And most importantly — I doubted whether so it is necessary to know the kids in 12 years.

“Googling”, and get answers to all the questions. I’ll be honest: this is all very difficult. Especially if you’re in the sixth grade. Taking into account that there is still a bunch of unlearned, and strength. Starting to understand why my daughter’s class average score for history at the moment, according to the Network journal, and 2.6 points.

“Killing” in search of answers and reinforcement of knowledge for another half hour, you know, at least that I no longer fit into the norm. But left the English language and literature. According to the latest asked expressively read the poem. “The teacher said, we’re still going to memorize one of the three poems Tyutchev, says the daughter. So you can today to learn. Well, or on Friday the edge.”

No, just read the lines and understand that I needed a break. I don’t fit in the allotted normal, head ringing, eyes open and hungry.

Poetry today is not to teach, not to them. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Uvarova

“GDZ — our all”

During a break, consult with the mothers of the other children as their children or they do their homework? This is, hand on heart, the mind boggles. And if the child studied in depth, attending extra electives?

“I have long facilitated life, the mother writes excellent pupil Oli. — GDZ (ready-to-homework — approx. author) — our all. Why do so many children know? We do the homework, so went to bed in an hour or two at night. Now find and rewrite. But if the job is this on the cards, then Yes, you have to do.”

The General opinion of the majority of mothers of our class, and parents who communicate in social networks, is unthinkable, and not need to take on this very heavy baggage called “homework” in full. Every makes life easier. The most forthright honest: or the lessons or the life: “because of the homework nor the parents, nor the children of the light white do not see.”

Closer to ten in the evening open the tutorial in English. You want to run in a workbook all of the exercises from page 36. Happy that I studied in educational institutions is English, not German or French, you know… I don’t know the exact answers. I don’t remember grammar. Understand the English phrases, and can speak, but choose the correct form of an unfamiliar verb is still hard. No, you can do this with a dictionary, but then my lessons will end in the late morning. English I, to my shame, rewrite with one of the sites with finished homework, which in a Network ten.

English I, exhausted, went off from the Internet. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Uvarova

The result of The experiment

Falling into bed dead, I caught myself thinking: what happiness that I am no longer a schoolgirl. Tomorrow, day after tomorrow, in three days and so on I don’t have to teach a huge amount of information. Not the fact that needed.

And Yes, I certainly did not meet the “Sanminasci” norm. If my schedule today was a music Studio or volleyball, I would have missed all the extra classes. So for whom is school homework, if the parents manage them with difficulty?

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