Scientists have created the latest test for the diagnosis of cancer at early stages

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Moscow, 19 Jan – AIF-Moscow.

Scientists from the U.S. and Australia have developed a new diagnostic test for blood test, which reveals eight out of ten of the most common types of cancer in the early stages of development. An article about the development published in the journal Science.

New technology is a “real breakthrough”, said one of the developers, Professor of medicine Peter Gibbs.

Breast cancer is curable. Early diagnosis is a chance for every female

A diagnostic test has received the name CancerSEEK. According to doctors, the liquid biopsy technology completely eliminates false positive result. Gibbs notes that this allows you to avoid mistakes, which exert a powerful psychological pressure on patients and leads to costly diagnostic procedures.

The study involved 800 healthy volunteers. As a result of false positive results was below 1%.

Also, the experiment involved more than a thousand people who have previously been diagnosed with cancer. The new test detected early 95% of cancer of the liver and the ovaries, more than 70% of people with cancer of the pancreas and stomach, as well as approximately 60% of lung cancer and intestines.

In the words of an Australian scientist, diagnostic test in a year or two will be used in hospitals. According to preliminary data, the cost of such diagnostic will be $ 500.

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