Scientists have identified the “contagious” nature of obesity

Moscow, January 24 – AIF-Moscow.

American scientists have found that in some cases, obesity may be signs of an infectious disease, according to the website Science Alert.

The troubles of obesity. Five problems of excess weight

Scientists from southern California University studied information about the families living on military bases in different States of the country. The basis was taken statistics project M-TEENS. The sample consisted of 1111 adolescents and 1,300 adults.

As it turned out, to obesity were more likely children from families in which this disease is suffered from the older generation. In addition, a large number of complaints about the extra weight came from military families where obesity was common among staff.

Of course, the experts note that the increase in body mass index (BMI) is influenced by many factors, including Smoking and heredity. However, they noticed that often habits of a person directly depend on the norms accepted in his environment.

A high proportion of obese people in military families scientists also explained and more simply. According to them, the reason is the easy access to fast food and lack of exercise.

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