Scientists have recorded the largest over 100 years of underwater volcanic eruption

National Science Foundation

/ Wikimedia commons

Moscow, January 16 – AIF-Moscow.

Employees of the University of Tasmania concluded that the underwater eruption of the Havre that occurred in 2012 was the largest in the last 100 years, reports Science Alert.

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The eruption initially remained unnoticed by scientists, but were later found floating island of pumice, which has forced experts to reconsider the evaluation.

The area of the island of volcanic rock was 26 thousand square kilometers with a thickness of up to 3.5 meters. Three months after the eruption the island was split into parts, some of them drowned, others washed up on the shores of New Zealand and Australia.

Scientists investigated the scene of the eruption using deep-sea submersibles and found a Caldera with a diameter of 4.5 km, resulting in the collapse of the dome of the volcano. At its bottom were at least 14 of the holes from which spewed out lava.

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