Sensation of left overs. Who helped to catch the lost “Salyut-7”?

Bring the “Soyuz T-13” to “dead” the station has helped the exact calculation of our mathematicians. © /

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Who brought in the aim?

This amazing story remained classified for decades and only now came to the big screen. But keen plot twists and turns, the audience do not ask the first, most important question: how Dzhanibekov and Savinykh was able to find dead, silent space station “Salyut-7” in the vast outer space?

The answer to this question may well be sensation. In near space was already rotating 20 thousand artificial objects – the so-called space debris, which is closely watched tracking stations and control of space. They can determine the position of the “dead” object in a given time, however, to calculate the trajectory randomly loose debris in this way was impossible. For some trajectories it was necessary to launch “Soyuz T-13” to in a few days he came close to the station which is the middle of nowhere?

The crew of the spaceship “Soyuz T-13” Vladimir Dzhanibekov and Viktor Savinykh. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Alexander Mokletsov

With meter accuracy

At first, the answer from the experts of the PMU on this issue. But it soon became clear that there is a group of mathematicians from the little-known JSC “Vympel” who know the methods and algorithms of constructing trajectories of low-orbit objects, and therefore may be purely computational methods to simulate the orbits of all artificial bodies in near space. Mathematics of “Vympel” were willing to give the data guaranteeing the approximation of astronauts to the station 3 km. Unfortunately, this result did not suit astronauts: dark, silent “Salyut-7” from this distance it was possible not to notice. Before mathematicians put the question: at 500 m can bring the ship to the station?

The head of The group of mathematicians Zachary Kotorowski replied that for this we need to develop new algorithms. The deadline is 1.5 months.

But space command people are experienced and careful. When Kotorowski presented new calculations (up to 300m), he was asked on the basis of these algorithms is to calculate the orbit of a near earth object, which on Earth was known by all. It was a test.

Mathematical algorithms Futuroscope gave a perfect result. Now the Land knew exactly what the point of near space it is necessary to send the “Soyuz T-13” that he found there the silence of the space station.

About the further Saga of her heroic rescue and says the film “Salyut-7”.

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What Americans are not under power

But mathematics is left aside, except for the fact that the then Minister of rocketry O. D. Baklanov from your Fund had issued an “outsider” Futuroscope prize 250 RUB.

However, this amazing story the story of our mathematics, producing a unique space computing, is just beginning.

In the group of Zechariah Futuroscope gathered young mathematics graduate of Moscow state University and has achieved phenomenal success in the space calculations. After 1991, some went to the USA, where they were received with open arms. But continue to keep in touch with them Zachary knows that outstanding results in the business are not achieved, moving on a well-trodden American path.

The US has much wider possibilities of the computing machinery, and the case is to calculate a myriad of data. In Russia the situation is different, our mathematicians have to take a purely creative achievements for the development of such “clever” algorithms that significantly reduce the duration of machining.

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Today around Futuroscope grows a new crop of young mathematicians, going the Russian way. Witness the space a unique directory that Zachary Kotorowski and his team weekly update for security purposes, only the near-earth space.

About this directory not to mention.

Thanks to our mathematicians, the Russian Center for space surveillance knows the orbits of all the cosmic “dust”, and it is very important to prevent their collision with the satellites. Or not, the same work is carried out in the United States. But! From the mass of artificial debris in space flying around the Earth, the Americans are not able to determine the trajectory 2650 objects. Even their heavy-duty computing machines can’t help them. But the algorithms of Russian mathematicians successfully cope with this task. It is no coincidence that their prestige in the world is extremely high. NASA is simply not able to control the entire space COP without weekly updated directory Zechariah Futuroscope.

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To permit worldwide electronic publication of the catalogue was not easy. The case has helped: one day in space was faced by Soviet and American satellites, giving a large wave of debris, i.e. litter. Russian satellite had already completed its life cycle, and its trajectory cannot be adjusted. But the Americans could leave from collision, but missed a dangerous situation.

After that we decided to make the directory Futuroscope world heritage, to serve the interests of all spacefaring Nations.

Kim Philby: the agent of Stalin, in the service of Her Majesty

Returning to the heroic and dramatic history of the “Salyut-7”, I have to mention one more historical comparison. All known heroic tank battle at Kursk, which had broken the backbone of the divisions of the fascist “Tigers”. Churchill, who knew about the plans of Hitler according to the German encryption machine captured by the British, sent Stalin a telegram crafty this content: “this summer, Hitler did not intend to attack. Can relax”. However, the famous Soviet spy Kim Philby sent evidence that the Germans were preparing a major tank attack at Prokhorovka. And GHQ not only managed to secretly concentrate it at Prokhorovka a powerful armored fist, but launched an offensive a day earlier than he had intended to do with the Nazis. The battle of Prokhorovka was crowned our brilliant victory, it now it resembles a magnificent Church.

And Philby was most proud of this good fortune. So no less brilliant mathematicians of our algorithms, accurately indicated the location of the lost control of the space station, can be likened to “the secret”, produced by Kim Philby.

Expert opinion

Deputy head of space flight (1972-2005). Viktor Blagov:

– When searching for “Salute-7” we really addressed to mathematicians from the center of the control space (CCCP). Collaborated with it major ballistics MCC Nikolai Ivanov. And they were a tremendous help. But in fairness I must say that their data still wasn’t enough to find the station in orbit. Needed a set of data, in particular, information from astronomers, specialists in vehicle control systems. In those days, the MCC worked with hundreds of people, including 200 employees of the visiting side. Thanks to the brainstorming of this coordinated team station failed to detect, and then save.

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