Shipulin and Flowers left biathlon track

Chance to go to the Olympics these guys anymore. They were those invited and not invited at the last moment, when there is no opportunity to challenge their case in Lausanne. How do they live now? How to spend these days who had to devote or active pre-Olympic training, or intensive rehabilitation before the most important starts in life?

Anton Shipulin (left), Sergey Ustyugov (center), and Maxim Tsvetkov (fourth from left) participated in a classic ski marathon, “Marcialonga”. Photo: social networks.

The star of Russian biathlon Anton Shipulin there is a shoulder on which he rests now in the most difficult days. Tender shoulder, but strong. His wife, Louise. A day ago she posted a touching Instagram video, which shows the only strong male hands, fingering the strings of a guitar. Flowing sad melody. But as soon as the finger touches the fragile woman’s hand, the music has a rhythm and vitality.

Anton is so good, it turns out, plays the guitar. But do not hurry to wait for his concerts, Shipulin will fight with a rifle in his hands. In the meantime, he was replaced by a biathlon ski track.

“A few days ago after the latest news I was shocked! — latest publication in Instagram Anton appeared a few days ago. — I got the idea to drop everything and go home. The Olympics was my dream and I was walking towards that goal. Through hundreds and thousands of difficulties, sweat and blood! I have never in his career did not give reason to doubt that I was clean, I was always careful to drink even ordinary vitamins. And that makes me even harder to accept what is happening. In the afternoon I was heartbroken that this terrible news! I soon realized that in any case should not give up. Life does not end and we need to go further! We need to fight for your name until the end./…/

I decided on Sunday to run the marathon, “Marcialonga” (70 km classic course, traditionally held on the last Sunday of January in Italy. — “MK.)” The goal is to get the extra energy boost and positive emotions in the circumstances. /…/ I see how many people supports me and my friends on the Russian team. Thank you all for this support. We, the Russian athletes never give up!»

Anton Shipulin in Italy was joined by another of the remaining unannounced for the Olympics biathlete Maxim Tsvetkov. Before the marathon he wrote:

“Three nights without sleep. A lot of questions unanswered. Why? For what? And a huge disappointment… My family! My beloved wife and son. That’s what saves me, I’m smiling and happy because of them. Continue every day to go to training. Fight! Go forward to your dream!»

And it’s true, thanks to my wife, because in those days, when it became known about the participation of our athletes in the Games, the wife gave birth to son Maxim. Well, he could not think about the bad after such a gift.

It seems that Sergey Ustyugov tossed shooting skiers is the idea to postpone the rifle and focus solely on developing “progress”, but still classic:

“Anton Shipulin and Maxim Tsvetkov came to support us. They are heroes, without preparation showed good results on “Marcialonga”, classic. On Saturday I have a trial with the strongest runners in the classic marathons. But seriously, we all have one question: “What to do next, where to draw the motivation to surrender to the beloved”. Our goal in one moment collapsed, and nobody knows what to do next. At this moment a very important support, thanks to all, nice to read and hear your kind words. We’re in this together”.

Ekaterina Yurlova-Part very harshly spoke to the IOC in his Instagram the other day:

“Dear friends! Today I received the final decision that I have no right to speak at the Olympics in 2018… I will not write about their feelings and emotions… Let me just say that from that day on the Olympics for me is no longer a sport! The IOC have forgotten all the principles of Pierre De Coubertin! Politics, money, greed, envy and fear! I don’t see the fight against doping — I see only discrimination based on nationality and age! Funny, but the criterion by which I do not take Game — the potential to win a medal! I am grateful for the support of all family, friends and fans! Russian do not surrender!»

Ksenia Hosting Community. Photo: social networks

Ksenia hosting community in December of vengeance post photos with the hashtag #roadtopyeongchang (the road to Pyeongchang), preparing for the Games. And in January wrote only: “We will fight to the end!”That’s just to compete Ksenia and her partner Fedor Klimov and if you can do that, but not for Olympic medals. Latest uninvited, as you know, just don’t have time to go with their claims in CAS. So the last photo in Instagram Columnar very sad. And signature laconic: “Mood” (“Mood”).

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