Should you buy a car programme “First car” and “Family car»

In July last year, Russia earned the address of the state program of preferential car loan “First car” and “Family car”. “Wow, a discount!”the citizens cried and rushed to storm the showrooms. In most cases, to leave them empty-handed. Why to purchase vehicles with the support of the state was not so profitable, I find the portal “Auto-View”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Russian man loves a freebie — it is an indisputable fact. And if buying a new car for 1 400 000 for virtually any many like a luxury, the price tag of 1 260 000 virtually any like unleashes and wallets. Blinded by the unprecedented generosity of the authorities, motorists in a hurry to grab your discount, completely oblivious to the fact that the free cheese is only in a mousetrap. But the state support programmes there are several pitfalls of which buyers should know.

But about all under the order. Under the terms of state programs, benefits for the “first” and “family” cars are those who buy the car for the first time and families with at least two minor children. In other words, you can expect a discount of 10% if earlier you were not framed either one car, or in the case when you are cultivating itself two or more children, whose age does not exceed 18 years.

Alas, the new Jaguar XJ, the price tag of which slightly exceeds 6 million, 600 000 not throw off. Under the program is strictly subject to the model value of not more than 1 450 000 “wooden”. In addition, the machine must be produced in Russia. So to save on, say, a Mazda3, delivered to our country from abroad, too, will fail. And remember that in addition to the price and place of “residence” is important and release date — only in 2018. That benefits are given solely on the new machine, to remind you, I suppose, too.

“Here’s my chance to buy the coveted KIA Rio for super low price!”you think. But what should you do next? It’s simple: after you made sure that the car passes all the criteria, you need to know whether a manufacturer participates in these programs. You can call the “hotline” of the Russian representation of the brand or any specific dealer. Better — right in the showroom.

Having defined with a specific machine, learning it from the seller the final price with all dealer discounts and additional equipment, contact the Department of insurance and lending. Tell cute girls that you wish to use the program “First car” or “Family car”. The majority with the terms of the grants they are acquainted, and therefore to calculate, in what sum taking into account the benefits you will stand a vehicle, they will not be easy.

And now attention! Yes, in fact so attractive government program imply a discount of 10% of the total value of the car. But it is achieved not by direct “cutting” the price tag, but at the expense of benefits for the loan.

Loan! In any case you will have to borrow a certain amount. Exactly how much — ask the cutest employee of the Department. Each dealer or the Bank conditions are different: one, the dealership will require to occupy 150 000, the other 500 000.

The main problem is that when making loans dealers impose customers an expanded hull that protects from the invasion of aliens, as well as insurance against unexpected death, job loss and a broken toe. That is, throw to your check even one hundred thousand commercials. It turns out that honest dedicated government subsidy goes not to the repayment of principal, and additional someone does not need services.

So, before subscribing to a “heavy” car loan, seasoned with sweet sauces “First car” or “Family car” as it should and not once all calculate. Already figured out? Do it again! In General, if you are missing a couple of hundred thousand on the desired car, it is better to not take a car loan in salon of the dealer, and the loan for personal needs in the Bank — interest of the latter is much more humane.

However, if you’ve come to the conclusion that the state program will protect your wallet, despite the exactions in the form of additional services, hurry up! Last year the quota ran out before motorists learned about the existence of grants, the ten percent discount was given only for two to three months. And given last year’s experience, we can assume that the current “First car” and “Family car” is unlikely to “reach” even before the summer.

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