Snakes, salary, children. Why teachers quit school

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Anna K., Volgograd, 28, math teacher

When I graduated, I wasn’t even planning to work in school — thought it’s not mine. I wanted to do in another place completely, but it so happened that he graduated from the faculty of mathematics, then enrolled in the graduate and needed a place to work, combined with formal training. So I got to school. And settled in November when I started the school year and all teachers scored. The school was not the best in our area — in parallel only 1-2 grade. I got 5-6-7 classes. It seems to be nothing but a cheap salary. I, as a young professional, received at the hands of only 10 000. Plus got to ride on the neck, then go take a piece of paper, then on some courses-there is no need tucked. Yes, as it turned out, our school was simply inadequate headmistress who abused us, teachers, in the hallways, in front of the kids. I went to school, my legs were jelly, and not because the kids are screaming all the time, and because the Director was not himself. In the end of the school fled the whole team, there were some grandmothers, who simply had nowhere to go. I lasted about two years. Then I just could not resist, I came, I wrote a letter of resignation and began to do tutoring.

One of the reasons for dismissal — problems in the team. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

If I was originally in some other school were, perhaps I would have stayed to work. I liked it. I Still talk with some students, but if you recall the team atmosphere, “snakes”, then no, I do not regret having gone. For example, tell the case. We had in school the young teachers, who sometimes drove me. He just drove past my stop, saw that I was standing freezing in the winter, and completely disinterested planted to work. So it became clear that the work on him were one of the teachers, though he was long married. And this teacher came to deal with me, allegedly, have an affair. And before that computer science is scratched all over the face almost on the lesson. And such “scandals-intrigues-investigations” has happened in our school almost every day. Why do I need it?

Six years I taught kids at home and you know — it’s mine. Here everyone is interested in the process, children not shake my nerves, and I’m actually not attached to anything. And wages four times higher than I was previously in school for a month.

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Tatiana Tkachenko, Krasnodar, 55 years old, history teacher

In the mid-80s I got a degree in history and began working as a teacher in the normal school in Krasnodar. Immediately come to understand that I chose a more difficult profession than it seemed. Little good to know your subject and interesting to teach — need to understand child psychology, to be sincere, patient. But the difficulties do not frighten, because the work brought satisfaction and gave the feeling of being needed. At that time, teachers were highly respected by society and the state are also not forgotten.

In the 90s, has deteriorated not only teachers, but also working conditions. But at that time I already got used to school and just couldn’t imagine life without my students. Communication with children helps to keep myself in good shape and to be in trend, as they say today. With them especially with boys, it’s much easier to be honest. In General, I continued to work hoping for the best. In two-thousand years really were a lot of positive change. We raised the wages, began to give the presidential grants. In 2006, I also received a grant. But to work harder despite the fact that the benefits of my labor has decreased.

Teachers flunked the notorious paper work, which was to be less time for children and self-education. We began to make different tables for student performance, to take the attendance sheet, write the thematic plans, which used to be the Methodist. To conventional e-journals were added, which need to simultaneously. After school still need a few hours to sit with the papers in front of your computer. At teachers ‘ meetings began to talk less about children and more about documentation. Teachers began to joke that children hinder the work. And higher authorities instead of trying to help us, arranged the endless checks. As a result, I began to tire stronger than in the days when I had more children and classes.

Many are convinced that the job of a teacher is a calling and way of life. Photo: AiF/ Alexander Vlasenko

The right people calling teaching a calling and a way of life. I have never regretted that chose this path. The school gave me a lot. Only gratitude to the former students many years later is very expensive. Strangely enough, Threeness sometimes be much more grateful than the students. With some of the guys we became friends. Children is the main thing that keeps the school for them to want to work. And yet as the years begin to think about the ratio of effort and benefit. One time we had a good prize, but then they cut away, and we were almost on bare salaries. For the experience and the title of “excellence in public education” I pay a couple of thousand. To pay was higher, I had to get more hours and to engage in classroom management, but it’s still a whole bunch of responsibilities. But still I turned 20 thousand a penny. I believe that with my experience and the experience is very small. In General, all the accumulated, pent up, and after 30 years of teaching career, I decided to leave.

Of course, the role played by another circumstance. Our family opened his own shop, and I began to engage in trade. Joke with friends that fulfilled the advice of one of our politicians. Can’t say that I find it very interesting or bring much moral satisfaction. In school, more life, and the first time I thought I made a mistake. Thought it would be better left to work before retirement. Habit is a powerful thing. But eventually it all passed and I began to see the pros in his new position. Here, too, communicate with people, but you can earn more for the same work. In this case, now I’m my own boss and I have more free time. With former colleagues and students, I continue to communicate. By the way, most of them reacted with understanding to my decision to leave, though couldn’t hide his regrets about it. Without false modesty I can say that I was a good teacher.

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Maria, Chelyabinsk, 45 years old, teacher of Russian language and literature

I never dreamed of becoming a teacher. But it turns out I got into teacher’s College for literature, and after graduating, began working in the school. In principle, in the first years of his youth, I’m nothing special did not notice. Well, work and work, kids and children.

The realization of how rotten and corrupt system of education came later. Bad things: changed not to the best curriculum, teachers, hating each other, Director-tyrant, children, trembling twos, parents who do not know how to help them unlearn normal. I do not know how others in our school, everything was just so. Babsky collective, gossip, rumors, counting other people’s salaries, the battle for the lessons-watch the affair with leadership.

Can’t say that I didn’t like everything. I remember in my class, three boys-hooligans. Their teacher went to complain to the Director when their class came to class, my colleagues were crying, drinking Valerian, and they prophesied a decade area in the future. In my class, they, too, behaved intolerably. Yes, and was in my class, where I was the leader. I tried not to yell at them not to be offended, not to pay attention, and left after the lesson all three of them say, Russian do you need — will still essay to write for admission, anywhere. You don’t have to go do my homework. I’m with the Director will solve the issue. Put all the twos for a year and all. They tensed, but the lessons have not stopped. Still staged tantrums, bullied, tell the class, “stood on ears”. And then one of them — Leon, the school gave the documents to the children’s room of militia. He broke the glass, called the PE teacher and the like. That’s when he came to me, cried, swore more in my life nothing like this will happen. I wondered: what is he so scared? It turns out, the father said, saying, know the measure. Having fun — have fun. Grab the police — otmazatsya will not go to juvie. And this dad spent half of my life. Is parents And I went to a guy by the investigators filled out the protocols, he argued, to vouch for him and two friends argued that boys shitting, but, in fact, harmless. I knew the environment in which they live. In General, helped Lena. Him from behind. Mischief in my classes. Still, 10 years after their graduation from the 9th grade, we are communicating in social networks. No one was sitting and not sitting. At Lenki growing daughter. Masha, by the way. They write to me, if you mountain.

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That’s weird, but I do not remember any student. Only the trio sunk into the soul. And yet — teachers who each other’s eyes the bones are washed. He said these things, that horror. Historicky is among teachers, importantly, not students, have been nicknamed “Ira-stinky” because she doesn’t use deodorant. About Julia Ilyinichna in the works and said she can’t give birth because she suffered syphilis. About a young, newly arrived biology teacher that sleeps with a security guard. And he looks about 80 years old. In General, the teachers only seem to be white and fluffy.

I left school, having worked there for 17 years in vocational school to teach all the same subjects. I was lured by the assurances that there absolutely other students, adults who know what they want in life, not in the schoolyard. On the first lesson I asked someone to quote lines of Pushkin. I think one could? No! The girl raised her hand and said, “and we last the teacher said to teach any verse, any author, and set “5””. I approached their supervisor and asked: “They generally do not ask? Don’t need literature?”. She lowered her eyes and whispered, “You know, who comes to us… Who should not get in University or in College.”

But I left not because of this. A boy lost in the walls of the school telephone. The other guys found him and not pocketed, and gave it to the guard. I think the unit returned to the owner? As it is not so! From the guard it already could not achieve neither we nor the parents of the student. He said some nonsense, they say, left on the table, and then changed, went home, and the phone did not. Disgusting, insulting. Stole not a student, and one that, in fact, it has to defend.

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I realized that is open, that children do not need knowledge, and teachers — smart learners. Even a little — and I’ll cry on the lessons from their disinterest and his impotence. I decided to help those who are really interested, someone who is motivated by a result. Now do private lessons. It’s not even tutoring, and more. I’m taking the kids, I bring them to graduation prepared for the exam and other exams. Do not work on the program, and according to his understanding of how better to organize their knowledge, to instill into the heads of literacy. Words cannot Express what a joy it is for the teacher to see the results of their labors! This year one girl who was mediocre in school, wrote the exam on the Russian language at 93 points. Her parents gave me a beautiful diamond ring. In excess of the payment which was made for her constantly. The child entered the budget at the prestigious specialty. The science and math she delivered so-so, and my subject pulled the amount of points.

Now earn about as much as they pay in school. No regrets. Yes, pedster I did not go. Slightly not enough to superannuation. But I saw the colors of life, preserved the remains of nerve cells and dedicate a lot of time with my family.

Tatiana G., Akhtubinsk, 46 years old, teacher of English language

In total I worked at the school for 18 years and left not because of a bad life. My salary is on the school’s standards were good, plus tutoring. In 2010 my husband and I started the business manufacturing of metal products. Entrepreneurship I designed for myself. I wanted to try something new, and there was certainty that if it does not, you can always go back to school. On the contrary, I was even scared to leave the stability and the guaranteed pension.

Teachers who drop out of school, miss work, and to his disciples. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

I don’t even remember this, so we have someone who left school at my age in business. Left those who have no pedagogical education, not by profession, worked, found a place on a specialty, usually in the garrison, and fired. We had that just the other school passed, now working fine in another team. And in business, I don’t remember that.

After I quit school, my social circle is sharply limited, all the fun ended. In General, I even regretted that I left. Missed interacting with the children, staff (have somehow selected a company of the same age), of course, “floats” with the property were, scandals, tears and even insults, but it is somehow gone. So, in 2011 I returned. Returned to year, but are unable to combine. From morning till 14.00 — school, then office work and tutoring to 18.00. After all, the school should be run, surrendering completely, to divide with other work impossible. So I had to go on at all but now I have no regrets. The school salary I now will not survive. In General, we have in schools now a lot of young people, every year someone comes. Invite me for the holidays, and I see that after I already came about ten new teachers. Even the guys are. Girls are easier I think. If you have the husband, and even a soldier, just work is a pleasure, and not for salaries. But it is here, in a military town. And if you earn, it’s certainly not in school. The male teacher can count on 25-30 thousand, not more. But in cities like Moscow, teacher, think, well get.

The teacher left the school confident that the school’s salary can not survive. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

Course load most of the paperwork is complete, all reporting, all of these electronic diaries, overtime, nerves, parents are not always conscious, but as I understand it, it is good there where we are not. I have now not less paperwork and hassle. Materially and independence not complaining. However, the pension will be at 55 if go…

Irina S., Saint Petersburg, 29 years old, teacher of choreography

After ballet school I went to work as a teacher-choreographer in the school. There was established a drama Studio. There were a lot of young teachers who wanted to work with children singing, dancing, putting on plays.

Because the Studio guys was free, then came those who wanted, starting with first class and ending with 11. I was pop dancing, some children have sung we were doing numbers for them, put musical performances. The staff was very nice. All colleagues are result-oriented, young, perky. The Studio evolved, the guys were ready in the night to sew costumes, to do something, to search for music. The management of The school for the soul, all went to meet and really was interested in school work that is not ashamed to show at the district level.

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I really would like to try yourself in classic choreography, and not to combine rooms with theater, and I decided to go into a private ballet Studio. There were lessons at the Barre, Pointe, children who deliberately want to dance. I taught basics of choreography. For older kids, of course, there were teachers who graduated from the same recipient at the Vaganova school, former performers of classical ballet. In the end, I worked there for a while and quit. It turned out that such a good atmosphere in which I got immediately after graduation in a regular school, unfortunately, not everywhere.

I still communicate with some of his first disciples, they talk about their successes. Now the theatre has evolved. Children learn to sing and perform, and then held auditions to prestigious educational institutions.

To be honest, I wish I left secondary school. We had to wait, to think. After College, I immediately appreciated the staff, who are ready to help you and to support. It is very rare. In our work all depends on the human factor, as you will be treated the same Director, other teachers and if there is a good relationship and all I think about creativity, we should value this.

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