Snooker world championship: Robertson played poorly and Selby — carelessly

The world championship in Sheffield meets all your expectations. Here, you and sensational results, and pleasing seriality, and many more snooker of the highest standard. We left behind the first round, the results of which have eliminated half of the participants of the tournament, but there is still a long and intense matches. To sum up the results of the first round, we asked our regular expert commentator and referee in snooker Vladimir SINITSYN.

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Vladimir Borisovich, the first round brought some unexpected results. Given the fact that even in the first round, the opponents will play long matches to victories in 10 frames and then it will be even more possible to speak at the world championship of chance or luck?

Is the world championship has confirmed the trends that emerged in the world snooker in recent years: the class is aligned. I recall that five years ago in Sheffield in the first round eliminated eight seeded players. This time only six. I note that all the winners deserved their spots in the next round. They just played better.

— How would you rate the level of play in the first round in General?

— Started the championship just fine. Looked decent four debutants of the tournament, and one of them — Lyu Haotian — even won. Looked decent and UN-Well, who are in excellent shape to Higgins. Takaya still run max did.

— Still the current world champion mark Selby lost to Joe Perry. In China, mark has demonstrated excellent form, and the myth of the curse of the China open, according to which the winner of the last before the world championship tournament does not succeed in Sheffield, Selby himself had debunked last season. So what happened to one of the main contenders for the title?

Perry played better against the background of ugly snooker Selby led Joe to a logical victory. This result was a just punishment for Mark, who the entire season played carelessly. Excellent form in China? And you remember how hard it was given there first two games. Not once, not twice Selby this season is very heavily drawn into the tournaments, gaining momentum during the competition. Apparently, the same plan was in Sheffield. Need to put in more hard work, the game isnt as forgiving.

— O’sullivan Maguire lost 0:4, but won 10:4. This shake-up at the start for Ronnie plus or a minus?

It is a fairly typical situation, and Maguire himself admitted after the match that the benefits achieved in the beginning largely due to the fact that the opponent was not playing at full strength. You may recall a large number of occasions when O’sullivan conceded in the first game session at the world Championships or have finished with a draw, but then added and tipped the scales in their favor. Ronnie undoubtedly remains one of the main contenders for the title, and how nice it would be to see them in the final to John Higgins. Or Mark Williams. Or the last two from Ronnie.

Mark Williams. Photo:

— Another surprise — Lisowski victory over Bingham.

And here all on the game. Jack played well and his play style is captivating, and his telegenic television distance the women.

— Former world champion Shaun Murphy lost to Jamie Jones — sensation?

In my opinion, this world championship has happened only one sensation in qualifying when Jones beat Liang wenbo 10:0. The rest isn’t. Defeat Selby — a very surprising result, but not the sensation. But in this match played-Murphy well, but a couple of failed frames, a couple of good series rival — and Sean was nervous, panicked. Jamie, for obvious reasons, played relaxed and was able to bring the case to victory.

Another player who won earlier in Sheffield, Neil Robertson, in the list of the main contenders for the snooker crown this time was not mentioned, but still lose such a status of the player in the first round, a little surprised. What is happening with the Aussie? One gets the impression that he’s tired of snooker.

— Neal is not the best season. It is no secret that he has a serious problem: he is a compulsive gambler, addicted to computer games. Yes, before the start of the world Cup, Robertson insisted that all the focus is solely on the tournament, but he played so ineptly that I was more surprised by the fact of victory Milkins, and the fact that Neil managed to win five frames. Where was Robertson with their century? It for the entire match only made one series over 50 points, and you lose that frame. Gaining fifteen points and smears are lower. Had to take 2-3 of the frame, not more.

— And here at Dean’s world title in the collection yet. Started Tsungu quite smartly, confidently beating Xiao Guodong. How far can pass on a tournament grid Chinese?

— This season Tsungu more in the shadows, and predict its path to the final is quite difficult. Dean has noticeably increased in the second gaming session and left the opponent no chance. I believe that he is quite able to reach the semi-finals, maybe farther, but it is in Sheffield quite a few players who in the first round looked better than the Chinese.

— Hawkins, Higgins, Allen, Williams won their matches. Which of these you liked more than the others?

— And on what basis you combine these players into one group?

Ronnie O’sullivan. Photo:

Is the shadow minions of Sheffield.

— They are favorites in no less than O’sullivan. In my memory there was only one world Championships, where Ronnie was called the main favorite. And that, Ronnie won all those Championships? No, of course. You need to understand that the status of the unconditional favourite of any tournament bookies award O’sullivan artificially, the rules of the game in their business. Fans rates, especially slightly versed in snooker, I prefer to bet on favorites, and it brings the bookies money. I know many cases when people are very made good money betting against Ronnie.

Yes, O’sullivan a fantastic season, but the quality of the game in Sheffield, Higgins or Williams play at least not weaker. Mark plays is just gorgeous. And, by the way, if Ronnie the next match in Carter’s win in the Champions League quarter-finals on Williams.

— I will not hide that in the last two seasons with great affection watching the game Cyrena Wilson. How would you rate his actions in the match with Stevens?

— He works very hard, and this is reflected in his game. Great knowledge is, the outs, wagering his game has many components that can not not like it. I note his militancy — no wonder his nickname in the Twitter Warrior. His nearest rival, Jamie Jones, and in the match with him, Wilson will be the clear favorite. One look at the brackets enough to know that the eight quarterfinalists in Sheffield will be very strong. It is quite possible that his place among them and will find Karen.

The world snooker championship. 1/16 finals

Mark Selby — Joe Perry — 4:10, Mark Allen — Liam Highfield — 10:5, Kyren Wilson Matthew Stevens — 10:3, Jamie Jones — Sean Murphy — 10:9, John Higgins — Takaya-UN-Nu — 10:7, Jack Lisowski — Stuart Bingham — 10:7, Ricky Walden — Luca Brecel — 10:6, DIN Tsungu — Xiao Guodong — 10:3, Lu Haotian — Marco Fu 10:5 Barry Hawkins — Stuart Carrington — 10:7, Mark Williams — Jamie Robertson — 10:5, Robert Milkin — Neil Robertson 10:5, Allister Carter Graeme Dott — 10:8, Ronnie O Sullivan — Stephen Maguire — 10:7

Matches McGill — dey and trump Oaklyn ended after signing of this number.

In the 1/8 finals meet

Perry — Allen, Wilson — Jones, Higgins — Lisowski, Walden — Trump/Wakelin, Dean — Dey/McGill, Haotian — Hawkins, Williams — Milkins Carter — O’sullivan

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