St. Petersburg doctors are told as soon from Russia saved the man in Stockholm

Viktor Mikhalev

/ AiF

Moscow, 7 Dec – AIF-Moscow.

A passer-by to feel bad on a street in Stockholm, was rescued by the Russian doctors from the private ambulance, “the St. Petersburg emergency room.”

This was stated by the representative of the owning private ambulance company Olga opimah, said TASS.

Russian ambulance was in Stockholm?

The team “the St. Petersburg ambulance” arrived in Stockholm to provide transportation services for patients from the Swedish capital to St. Petersburg. Driving through the city they noticed a passer-by lying on the road.

“I saw that person became ill. Our team could not pass by. They stopped, gave first aid, gave the victim at the hands of the ambulance of the city of Stockholm. (…) They are our heroes,” – said opimah.

From what the person felt bad, she said. According to her, the Russian doctors had already returned to St. Petersburg.

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