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Writer, journalist, laureate of the state prize of the USSR Vladimir Gubarev:

Among the winners of the Nobel prize-2017 again was not one of the names of Russian scientists.

About what is happening today in the world of science, who reigns there, defining winners and losers, says writer Vladimir Gubarev, one of the most authoritative experts in this field. With science it deals with the 1960s.

I know, but silent?

For several years look forward to the day when in Stockholm will announce the new winners, hoping to hear the familiar and close to my name. More precisely, one of the two, because I am convinced that these two scientists have to be awarded the Nobel prize.

From biorhythms to gravitational waves. That gave the Nobel peace prize this year?

However, the years pass, but in Stockholm about my acquaintances keep quiet, even though their names are there is very well known: they certainly called among the first physicists in different countries.

I would like to say: whether the will of Nobel is composed today, many things would have changed, as in the nineteenth century, ideas about science were different. In particular, mathematics is barely broke away from arithmetic, and therefore were not included in the number of Sciences that should be given special attention. Wasn’t there also mention about the economy, which, in my opinion, rightly so. This nomination appeared in our time, throwing a vicious shadow on the prize (I mean political and immediacy of their award). A lot of economists that filled the world of science in the XX century, demanded that they had such a prestigious award. And it was established! How could it be otherwise: after all, after the Great crisis and the ensuing “smaller”, but permanent economists began to convince their governments (primarily the us) that they “take” land from them. Numerous economic theories voiced at various economic forums, it would seem, “give us the light at the end of the tunnel”, but almost always remain unclaimed. However, the role of economists is increasing year by year, they are all new universities and high schools, and there is no country that does not would be plunged into crisis. Therefore, the Nobel prize in Economics, which are now with the same fanfare as happens in economic crises.

The aura of scandal is not the first year of the surrounds and the Nobel peace prize. One year it was awarded by the Vice-President of the US when bill Clinton al Gore for the popular scientific book on ecology. To be honest, the book is weak, any student of journalism would like to write. But the Vice-President of the United States is still a very special person, but because he became a Nobel laureate.

What is the international campaign ICAN, who received the Nobel peace prize?

For him to turn was attached to Barack Obama. He effectively began to fight for peace that not a stone was left from the entire Middle East. How can you not mention his award?! Even, it would seem that such “undisputed winners”, as Sakharov and Gorbachev, are in doubt. It was under the leadership essay was created by “gruel” – the most powerful thermonuclear bomb. Sugars not only received a third Star of the Hero, but was looking for the bomb”s use (then he was horrified at the ideas that come up!). And Gorbachev was awarded the prize for their aspirations for peace, which led, eventually, to a series of civil wars, persisting to this day.

There is still prize for literature. In this region do not want to spread. Suffice it to say that Leo Tolstoy was nominated for the award, but it was not marked. He was replaced in the list of winners Svetlana Alexievich. This is a clear signal to current students who need to prefer in the literature.

“About time, about morals!”

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Physics for all time

But let’s forget about the sad. Think of the other nominations “Nobel week”.

Perhaps only to the Nobel prize for physics is not yet of claims. The shadow of political passions and immediacy does not overshadow it. This largely happens because of a lot more applicants than jobs. And they are all worthy! Physics is developing so rapidly that built in her, spilling from a cornucopia. And so many reasons.

President of RAS Alexander Sergeev: “We are gaining high technologies”

Refer to the opinion of academician V. L. Ginzburg, Nobel laureate. He said: “Some of the Nobel prize in physics and chemistry, as in my own opinion, and according to some colleagues of dubious merit. But such cases are few. Blame the Nobel committees are biased in the selection and bias is possible only with very great care, if you understand how difficult this selection. The Committee on award of a prize in physics every year sends out more than 1,000 invitations to nominate a candidate (or candidates) for the award. How much response do not know, but I think that are many dozens of candidates. And you need to choose no more than 3 people”.

In Russia such “requests” should be sent as a bit – two dozen. I figured out exactly who recommend scientists. It turned out that more than 7 people! There is no consensus. What a pity! Those same Americans are more unanimous: two of the hundreds of “queries” (the exact data is stored in the secret!), candidates and 5-7. It’s no surprise that among the winners of so many representatives of the United States.

“Grand challenge.” Academician – about the possibilities of Russian scientists

But the main role is played by the level of development of science in the country! And again the word Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg: “the Only reliable way to get a Nobel prize for science is the complete development of fundamental research, creating conditions for productive work in a supportive environment, especially for young people. Unfortunately, this often required a lot of money. Times when major discoveries in physics can be done by artisanal methods in small laboratories, in General, have already passed. Although the history of famous discoveries suggests that talented and strong physics (and only physics) can sometimes succeed in the most modest circumstances. We can therefore advise our scientists not to fold his arms and, despite all the difficulties confronting the Russian science, to continue their search”.

Probably, the words of the great physicist would be perceived with optimism, if not for the passions that are raging around our Academy of Sciences. Four years is the so-called reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which nothing good and wholesome has not brought neither science nor society. It was all about the elimination of the Academy of Sciences if not legally, then practically. Fortunately, the Academy managed to defend.

Vitaly Ginzburg: when told about the Nobel prize, I thought it was a prank

Again, Russophobia?

The troubles we used to write off the edition of enemies overseas and European detractors. They do not give Nobel prizes to our scientists that they naturally deserve.

Examples of injustice really is. Yes, some scientists had to wait almost half a century before they went to Stockholm for a well-deserved award. I mean academicians Pyotr Kapitsa and Vitaly Ginzburg, who was awarded prizes at an already advanced age for the work done by them in his youth.

Yeah, academician Lev Landau received the diploma of laureate immediately after a car accident, though the Nobel Committee was able to note the great physics much earlier. Yes, some scientists were nominated for the award several times, but did not receive it. But it is not necessary to attribute the Russophobia. The German physicist A. Sommerfeld was nominated for the Nobel peace prize 84 times for 35 years, but the coveted diploma and has not achieved. Are in Stockholm do not like the Germans?! As humorously remarked V. Ginzburg, “we need to live a very long time to get the “Nobel”. But there are other situations when the scale of the Nobel prize is insignificant in comparison with the achievements of science. For example, the beginning space era of humanity. Neither the launch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth nor human flight in space and on the moon, study Venus, Mars, and distant planets could not fit into the Procrustean bed of the Nobel prize. And it is not required – these achievements require no awards, even prestigious. They are events of history, changing the course of civilization.

But the specific people is a shame. What a shame, I guess, now academician Pustovoit. A month ago we talked about gravity waves. Vladislav Ivanovich 55 years ago with M. E. Gertsenshtein predicted how to detect and record gravitational waves. Physicist then worked at the renowned Lebedev physical Institute, where dignity can evaluate the suggestions of their young colleagues. They were appreciated, but then explained that to create such unique tools as a giant interferometer, there is no opportunity.

Man is a mystery. Why Sergey Korolev was not given the Nobel prize?

Only 50 years later the prediction has become a reality! And did American scientists, which are now awarded with the Nobel prize for the discovery of gravitational waves.

– In Louisiana, built a unique interferometer, he told me, academician Pustovoit. Is a 4-kilometer pipe in which air is pumped out to high vacuum. It is a laser beam, then it is reflected from mirrors and returns to the Central building, where the observation of interference. The construction is very expensive. It uses the most modern technology. In Northern States was built by the second interferometer.

– Such devices only in America?

– No, there are still close to the famous Pisa, in Italy, in Germany, built in China, Japan and other countries. I was in Italy, this setting made a lasting impression on me. Although not without incidents. This instrument is so accurate that only one cockroach brought him into disrepair. He somehow got inside the pipe and that the measurements were distorted.

– And what have we?

Two years ago, came the Italians, they offered us assistance in the construction of the interferometer on the territory of Russia. But the government told us that there is no money. It’s a shame, of course! Already the first observations in the US have shown that we are dealing with a very interesting phenomenon.

But what this discovery gives us, ordinary people?

Is a new channel for obtaining information about the Universe. The same black hole flies towards the other at a speed equal to half the speed of light, and now we can watch it!

Sorry, I will add already from myself: we have still no possibility to create such unique scientific installations. But because of what is happening in the depths of the Universe we can see only publications in scientific journals and on the Internet.

Genius, madman and utopian: the views of contemporaries of the academician Sakharov

Instead of an epilogue

Speaking of expectations, I meant the other two of our scientists.

Academician Alexander F. Andreev is the author of major discoveries in physics: the so-called “Andrew’s reflection.” The concept is came from the pages of scientific journals in physics textbooks.

Academician Yuri Tsolakovich Oganesyan – author of the discovery of new elements of the periodic table. New element named after him – “ohanneson”.

Of course, both of them have already written their names in the history of world science, and, apparently, the Nobel prize is nothing to add to their glory. But her award is the “Nobel prize” that its authority has not faded from accidents and politicking.

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