“Such as Mutko, it is necessary to send to Magadan”: Tikhonov commented doping scandal

While in Lausanne, Switzerland continues to consider appeals of Russian athletes who were not admitted to the Olympics in Pyeongchang, “MK” appealed to his permanent experts to learn how they relate to what is happening.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Gennady VENGLINSKY, the President of Fund of social protection of athletes named after Lev Yashin

– How about the suspension of Russian athletes from the Olympic games-2018?

– I think this is a glaring case. Iniquity. The harm is to the world. Including the economy and politics, because sport unites all segments of the population. Such action by international organizations are destroying the ideals of the Olympics.

– Do not think of the IOC decision fair?

– Of course not. It was possible to take sanctions against the leaders that would be probably right. And to deny athletes participation in the Games is blasphemy. He was preparing for three Olympics, and know how important it is for the athlete.

The reasons for such drastic measures?

One of my assumptions: our sports officials did nothing to prevent such consequences. It was necessary to first build relationships with international organizations. But officials framed the country’s leadership, and, of course, athletes.

– What are the prospects of our athletes in the trial in Lausanne?

– A lot of factors that affect the decision. Do not see that our leaders did something right.

– Will you watch the Olympics?

– I will be. I hope, rejoice in the victories of our athletes.


Vladimir PRESNYAKOV-the senior, the famous musician

– Why are Games suspended Russian athletes?

– We are hinder everywhere. And make it happy mean. I think worldwide, there are tools that help athletes. Only we the alleged violators. View to the muscular Williams sisters and our little, fragile skaters. I hope that someday sanctions against the Russian athletes will be canceled.

– What are the chances of the athletes in Pyeongchang?

– In figure skating can all win, but again: don’t know what would be the refereeing. I even feel sorry for those athletes who will go against them because the’ll think of something else.

– What, in your opinion, will be the decision of the court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne?

– I am sure that defenses will be making units. And even they will not be allowed. I will say that later.

Watching the Olympic games will be?

– Certainly. Every victory of our Olympians will be proof of the honesty of the national sport.


Alexander TIKHONOV, the quadruple Olympic champion on biathlon

– How about the solutions for the removal our athletes?

In 2004 I was offered to solve the problems with doping and said are we ever going to get embarrassed. And so it was. Now all the blame, but us. But you need to understand your garden. To take a hard law on doping, that all was teach. For example, to remove life coach, a sportsman, and to revoke the licenses of doctors is to punish all those involved in the scandal. Like they do in Europe. And we are guilty raise in positions.

– With the decision of the IOC agree?

– Disagree. But the good? Because we were deprived of posts in almost all international organizations… The biggest problem is the personnel policy.

– What should happen to such measures against the Russians was not taken?

Such as Mutko, it is necessary to send to Magadan. If disqualified, Maria Sharapova, everyone was talking about Serena Williams. They say that it is something they consume. But her doctor has proved that drugs were necessary. And we have professionals who can do that. This is the problem.

– What decision will be in Lausanne?

– I hope that the innocent will be justified. For the same Shipulin after the Olympics, probably the last.

– Will monitor the performances of the athletes in Korea?

– I will be rooting for our guys. They have a chance to compete in Pyeongchang.

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