Syndrome The Vagina. Why a well-known opposition leader has ceased to be a lawyer

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The famous Russian lawyer mark Feigin , the decision of the Bar Association of Moscow deprived status. This is an intermediate result of Feigin conflict with Ukrainian journalist Anatoly Sharii.

Expert on political Affairs

Forty-six mark Z. Feygin since the late eighties made the political career as activist organizations like the Democratic Union, the “Democratic Russia”, “Russia’s Choice, Democratic choice of Russia” and others. Since the early 2000s, Feigin began to practice law, focusing on matters with a political hue. Loud acclaim Feigin brought the case of the punk group Pussy Riot.

Later Feigin was one of the lawyers of Nadiya Savchenko, which brought him fame not only in Russia but also in Ukraine. Their participation in the process the lawyer was accompanied by loud political statements that have become his trademark.

The mark Z. spared as political opponents and colleagues, using them for extremely harsh comments in social networks.

In the summer of 2017 the chamber of Advocates of Moscow issued a warning to Feigin after his conflict with the lawyer Ilya Novikov, also protecting Hope Savchenko.

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“They say I took money from the Kremlin”: as mark Feygin had a fight with a friend and colleague

In an interview published on the portal “Open Russia” Novikov, also positioning himself as the opposition leader, said: “mark and I had a fight a long time ago, in February of last year, four months before Savchenko was traded. Some time it didn’t come out to the surface, but since October of last year we began publicly to sort things out. I am convinced that I started all this, though someone might disagree. Intense squabble began with the moment when mark commented on the visit Savchenko in Russia in the context that it’s all rigged Novikov at the direction of the Kremlin. After that was said a lot of things. For me the most painful was that the people with whom I worked, that is, which by default trusted more than the man in the street, saying I took money from the Kremlin and he was the Kremlin”s agent. It can’t not harm me. And, of course, that’s not true. Although disciplinary proceedings is not as important as for the court under the claim about protection of reputation. There are things that the lawyer on the lawyer can not speak, even if it’s true. And even more — if the slander. In the final version of my complaint had 27 points, separate statements of vagina in different places, which I was asked to give a rating. From “warn Ukrainians not to deal with Novikov” to the purely obscene kind of “dirty………””.

Mark Feigin was deprived of the lawyer status for profanity

“He takes on the case of pedophilia”: mark Z. angered Anatoly

The history of this conflict, Mark Feigin learned nothing, and he entered into a much tougher confrontation with Anatoly Shariy.

Feigin, who recently specializiruetsya on the detainees in the Russian Ukrainians and Pro-Ukrainian activists in the Crimea, extremely negative attitude to the position of Sharia, criticizing the current Ukrainian authorities.

In his usual manner mark Z. in expressions did not hesitate. The trigger was the statement Feigin, the radio station “Moscow speaking” July 13, 2017: “He [Shary] is on the case of pedophilia, I think they have someone to do it. We hope that this companion will sooner or later be held accountable. Pedophiles somehow around a handful of this raw material. Around ore around the raw materials and so forth.”

18 July 2017 the lawyer Anatoly Sharia Stalin Gurevich filed on his behalf a lawsuit in Moscow’s Khamovniki court.

“We’ll see who’s a pedophile”

The journalist said the radio station “Moscow Says”:”, “I filed a claim because I have suffered four times, probably, from his squalor. He told me that I was looking for a pedophile for committing all sorts of crimes in the European Union that is not something that is nonsense, and a figment of a sick imagination. He crossed the line. I now will not. It’s time for him to answer, and in General it is time to leave the bar and fly like a cork from a bottle. I personally wish it was closed, so he sat.

But I tell you what it all might end with public works. Well, let poubirat public and let the flies out of the bar. A man can not be called a lawyer and this sort of thing to say. It’s not normal, that’s sick man, this man’s got something with the head, this is my personal value judgment”.

While Shary left behind by vaginam the possibility to stop the trial, just apologizing: “He needs to say a certain phrase, I must say that lied that he is very sorry. I’m sick, I have a note that I was not involved. I want him with the tears hadn’t apologized, because it lasts a very long time. We’ll see who’s a pedophile”.

“The Case Of Manchenko”

Feigin refused to apologize: “God Forbid! Never. Let understand this statement. What’s the problem? I don’t see the problem here. And what to react if there is no reason? For this reason there are all court decisions in Ukraine, so I think it makes absolutely no sense to react to it. It all takes constant and chronic”.

Charges Feigin was based on the words living in the Netherlands Elena Manchenko, calling itself the sister of Anatoly Sharia. Lady in an interview with Ukrainian media accused the journalist of pedophilia and theft, as well as damaging information against the media expert and the editor-in-chief Olga Bondarenko-Shary.

In November 2015 Anatoly Shary filed in the Obolon district court of Kyiv the claim in respect of Elena Manchenko. In January 2016, the Ukrainian media has exploded Shary lost a lawsuit and, therefore, all that told Manchenko is true.

For some reason, did not pay attention to why the claim was rejected. The court referred to the decision of Plenum of the Supreme court of Ukraine, according to which the responsibility for dissemination of defamatory information at your own honor not to who said information, and the one who published it, when it is impossible to install — the owner of the resource on which information was published, when it is impossible to install both, the burden of proof is on the applicant.

In fact, it was not that Manchenko was telling the truth, and that supposedly there is no reason to believe that she said anything and distributed similar.

Confusion in the Netherlands

Meanwhile, mark Feigin, stressing this position of the Ukrainian court, claimed that Shary is wanted in the Netherlands and is about to be arrested.

In September 2017, the lawyer announced his trip to the Netherlands, where it was supposed to meet with the inspector leading the case Anatoly Sharia.

In social networks mark Feigin wrote: “it is Sharia for theft and paedophilia in the police Alkmaar lead inspector Peter Van Damm. Anyone can access it. Telephone and e-mail can not give. The original statements on Sharia now I as the applicant”s lawyer Manchenko!” The lawyer reported that he was waiting for Sharia in Alkmaar, where he allegedly “was there for three months”.

On the appointed day at the police station appeared Sharia wife Olga with a video camera. And there must have been an embarrassment: it turned out that about any case by the Sharia police do not know, as specified by pagenum detective does not work in the office. Soon came himself Feigin, who brandished a kind of application of Sharia, which for some reason was dated 2013. But it turned out that the investigation into the libel case against Elena Manchenko. In the end, Feigin left with nothing, finally insulting Olga Shary.

Anatoly Shary has received from the police in the Netherlands documents showing that there was no case against him there and wanted it is not.

“In the end, he will hide in the basement”: how Shary won in court

It would seem that it’s time to stop. Feigin But insisted that all of his accusations are true.

Even a man far removed from legal practice, it is obvious that to reach a similar position in the court is self — defeating. But the fagin came out.

25 Oct 2017 Hamovnichesky court of Moscow satisfied the claim of the claim of the journalist, Mark Feigin obliged to disprove them and recover information from virtually any it 66 thousand to cover court costs.

Peskov declined to comment on deprivation of the lawyer status Feigin

Anatoly Shary warned that if the Feigin will continue to slander, this trial will not be the last. The journalist promised to ensure that Feigin was deprived of the lawyer status and prosecuted. “He accused me of committing a serious crime. This is a terrible crime. Nobody has the right to just take and accuse. In the end, he will hide in the basement from which to stick his nose only on holidays,” said Chari in an interview with “the Look”.

Feigin continued to make threats against journalists. Here, for example, a tweet from March 24, 2018: “I Want to warn Sharia (tell him, and that pedo-expert banned me) that if he does not appear in the RF IC, the next I’m brought to Moscow his minor niece Marisa. She has a story to tell. Hello to him from it.” He commented on the statement by the Sharia, submitted to the Committee of the Russian Federation Elena Manchenko.

And on April 20 Feygin has already threatened on his page on Facebook: “you know what? In the near future we are waiting for charges to Sharii article 156 of the criminal code (“Corruption of minors”) in Kiev, where the resumed pre-trial investigation. The case for small: to deliver it to Ukraine. God willing, soon it will have to happen. The rest doesn’t matter”.

On the same day the Moscow city court mark Feigin lost the appeal on the suit of Anatoly Sharia.

“Technically nothing”: the revocation of the license

At the same time developing the story of the trial on the issue of deprivation of Mark Feigin, a lawyer”s license because of the insults which he had distributed in social networks.

March 27, consideration of this matter was deferred. That’s what this is a social network wrote Anatoly Sharia lawyer Stalin Gurevich: “the fagin came with two lawyers, said that he needed time to prepare, as the decision of the qualification Commission, he received less than 10 days ago. The Council had deposited on 24 APR. At the same time explained that on this day, the decision will be made, no matter what the application.”

24 April 2018 was maybe inevitable in this situation: mark Feigin has lost the status of a lawyer.

How he came to that, we told you. And here, for example, the reaction in the social network supporters Mark Feigin Hope Kevorkova: “Yesterday, under the pressure of government #law chamber of Moscow has deprived lawyer Mark Feigin status. Formally, for nothing. Over three tweets against the agents of the government itself. Essentially, because he took the most painful for the Kremlin”s political Affairs and gave them huge publicity”.

Wonderful logic: direct slander and insults is nothing. Of course, if this comes “in the right direction”.

Mark Feygin responded as follows: “Lawyer chamber of city of Moscow has deprived me of the status of lawyer! Advocacy in Russia, so long kept, finally died.”

“Can shoot, can put”: Feigin says that the Ukrainian media

And what’s next? Anatoly Shary, as you may remember, warned that if fagin does not stop, he will seek to bring him to criminal responsibility for libel. But while Mark Z. the journalist was given 48 hours to apology, promising in this case not to pursue it.

So far, however, the apology and does not smell. Feigin gives an interview to Ukrainian media, declaring that became a victim of political persecution.

Ukrainian portal “Obozrevatel” on April 25 released an interview Feigin under the heading “”just shoot me”: Feigin gave a Frank interview about the problems in Russia.”

And what it says mark Z.?

“No my love there is no error. The purely formal aspect is the presentation of the Ministry of justice based on the statement of the lawyer of the Sharia, a man Gurevich – brand VA*tion aunts from the same party, controlled by the FSB, — quotes the former lawyer of “Explorer”. — As for the “victory” of Sharia. You have to understand: Shary — no, he’s just a runaway convict. The perception of him as a major figure who almost controls governments and countries, is very erroneous. Quite clear his creature against the Kremlin and its curators. He’s a nobody”.

And then mark Z. reports how he’s an important figure in the political life of Russia: “before I leave. But in that situation, I’ll watch how to do better, because actually anticipate the actions of the government I can’t.

They can shoot, can put. If you continue to fight, of course, the risk increases. But do not forget that I became a member of the standing Committee of the Forum of free Russia and of the 11 people I am the only non-immigrant”.

Bad reputation

At what here a policy? Is the FSB forced the vagina to insult in social networks a friend and colleague Ilya Novikov? Surely GRU at gunpoint forced Mark Z. to accuse the journalist of Sharia in pedophilia, not having any solid evidence? And what is the power of Ministry Mark Feigin was forced to make a circus in the Netherlands, introducing the confusion of the Dutch police?

Mark Z. Feygin works so straight, that his sincerity was doubted in Ukraine. Notorious Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ihor Mosiychuk wrote on his page in Facebook: “Now among the prisoners in Russia goes that Feigin defends the interests of only those prisoners who are willing to cooperate with the FSB and the Kremlin which the ghouls are prepared to share. This I just write “malyava” from Russian prisons”.

With such a reputation of complexity are not only in Russia but also in the Square. And the problem here is not the edition of the Kremlin and harm Anatoly Sharia, but only in the mark of the Z. Feigin.

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