Tatiana Felgengauer told the court about the attack on her

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Moscow, may 3 – AIF-Moscow.

Deputy chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer in the Presnensky court of Moscow has told about the attack on her in the radio station, RIA Novosti reported.

The diagnosis is obvious. Psychologist — about the attack on Tatiana Felgengauer

The incident occurred on October 23. The journalist was stabbed in the neck, she needed emergency surgery. According to Felgenhauer, she never saw it coming, and that is Boris grits, she learned from the media.

“I was sitting sideways, staring at the phone, and suddenly grabbed me by the neck, I thought at first that someone wanted to say Hello, but then my head spun and I got hit with something thin and sharp like a cutter, then I slashed at his neck,” she said.

He grits said, I wasn’t trying to kill the journalist, and attacked the woman because she pursued him.

Grits is suspected of attempted murder. Examination came to the conclusion that he could not control his actions at the time of the attack. SC asks to send him to compulsory treatment.

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