Tatiana Lavrov: “making a cake for my husband”

In 2000, a historic event happened for the first time in history, the Russian team in the team sports (to be honest, most prestigious) took the gold medal of the Olympic games. And made it to the handball players under the leadership of Vladimir Maximov. And the goalkeeper Andrey Lavrov, a tremendous person, that autumn became a triple Olympic champion. The only person on the planet.

Andrei Lavrov. A frame from the video.

The goalkeeper in handball — role special. It would seem, nothing, the ball is round, the gate is small. But look at the statistics: 37-40 percent of batted balls considered a feat. Because power shot from beyond the arc, with a rebound from the flooring or, as they say themselves master of hand-ball, with a “translation” is much harder in football, because to calculate it is possible in rare cases. Well account, of course, in sport, invented in the beginning of the century by the Danes for training… players in double digits.

But we need to digress a little. Andrey Lavrov today, March 26, the birthday boy. Because of the circumstances he was not able to communicate. It with us congratulates wife.

— Husband now, as they say, is in free flight. At last we can spend this day together, our sons and grandson. I’m sure it will be a good day.

— Surprises will be?

— Well, as soon as your paper is published in the Monday, then reveal the secret. All I’m doing is cooking a cake. Of course, it will be preceded by a gala dinner with delicacies…

…The”MK” congratulates the legendary guardian at the gate happy birthday.

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