Teachers they drop off. Why Russia sends teachers to the CIS?

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During the year they will teach Tajik children not only Russian language, but also physics, mathematics, computer science, biology and chemistry — of course, in Russian.

In a foreign land earn?

Tajik parents happy. Their children will increase dramatically the chances to enter Russian universities, and there remain in Russia permanently.

Tajik teachers doubt. Unless teachers, for example, from Dagestan (in a Central Asian country also drove teachers from Bashkiria, Kemerovo, Kostroma, Tatarstan) is a well know Russian language, because it is for them, too non-native? And jobs, they say, foreigners are not need to give.

“Soft power”. The best way to promote language – the dialogue of science and culture

But the biggest surprise and the other side was caused by the salary promised which Russian teachers who agree to go on to work for a year in a former Soviet Republic. 74 thousand virtually any. per month! 60 thousand of them will pay the Ministry of education and 14 thousand Tajik side. Teachers Also provide shelter. One condition — previous work experience of at least 5 years. For comparison, teachers of the highest category usually receive all the allowances on the average 1200 somoni (less than 8 thousand virtually any). To live on such money even in Tajik prices is extremely difficult. And in Russia the teacher’s normal school, which receives 74 thousand, it is necessary to look for more. According to the Minister of education Vasilyeva, the average salary of teachers in Russia recently “has grown” already to 33 thousand But the money still have not all. Therefore wishing to go to work in a foreign land was found quickly. In the same Dagestan for the contest stated 300 people, and 7 have been selected. The main incentive is money. If the home teacher gets 18 thousand, the salary is four times bigger than lure him anywhere.

By the way, Russia gave the Tajik schoolchildren as a gift and even 70 thousand textbooks.

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Whether there will be

The beginning of The joint project between Russia and Tajikistan made a trip of Vladimir Putin in July of this year in Dushanbe where the presidents of the two countries agreed on cooperation in the field of education. There are also plans to build 20 schools in Tajikistan, where teaching will be in English. Now in the Republic are 30 schools with training in Russian. And the demand for such training is increasing. Before the beginning of the school year the first classes of schools with instruction in Russian precipitated crowds of parents. Recruit 40 children in the class. It is clear that the quality of training this did not win.

Because the Tajiks have long cherished dream to get into the country teachers of Russia. While their three dozen. But the possibility of expansion and extension of the project. These “troops” will be more numerous.

The experts

“I would have learned Russian just for…”

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Fund “Russian world”, member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of education, acting rector, Russian state pedagogical University. Herzen, Sergey Bogdanov:

— The maintenance and strengthening of the Russian language in the CIS space is an extremely important geopolitical task. For a long time in the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union Russian language was for all residents of the regions the shortest way to success in life, education, assert a position in the world. Now, unfortunately, the situation has changed. And in a number of CIS countries (Kazakhstan take) English increasingly replaces the Russian. This greatly affects the geopolitical interests of Russia. It is even about the security of our state. Therefore, to promote the Russian language is necessary, especially where there is a demand for it. Thank God, in Tajikistan it is still there. Recently, together with our colleagues-experts from Slovakia, we have prepared a special line of books focused on the Russian-language schools of Tajikistan. And 35-40 thousand Tajik students were studying.

How many people in the world speak Russian as their mother tongue. Infographics

A similar exercise we conducted with the experts from Moldova. The more such projects, the more chances to maintain the position of the Russian language. The Russian language Institute. Pushkin, Saint-Petersburg University, Herzen”s University and others offer programs to improve the skills of teachers of Russian language and literature abroad. Including in a remote format. Is actively developing the portal “Education in Russian”. Not so long ago at the expense of the “Russian world” 20 professors from St. Petersburg University, traveled for six months in China and worked in leading Chinese universities. And their students go to us — it provides additional influx of money into our education system. So sending a few dozen people to work in Kenya (as do other countries) is a wonderful thing. It’s a sign of the new time and return to effective practices of the Soviet Union.

Teacher of Russian language and literature, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Association of teachers of Russian language and literature Roman Doschinsky:

Russia is not the first and not the only country having a policy of promoting its own language. So do France, England, Germany. In the US there is structure in the state Department who are responsible for the spread of American culture, American values throughout the world. By the way, it costs the government little money, if you distribute them properly. But with the spread of the language, expand cultural relations, new horizons economic partnership. Therefore, the Russian language in this sense — a kind of missionary and a tool, a means of establishing good neighborly relations of Russia with other countries. It all starts with language. Language is a vivid sign of the people. The concept of “Russian mission” of pre-revolutionary times known. The state must support the Russian language. It encourages respect for, interest from foreign partners to what is happening in Russia.

By the way

In Uzbekistan appears the graduate school of the University. The branch will open at the University of world economy and diplomacy Ministry of foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan for the training of specialists in international relations.

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