The author of the main sensation of a football Cup of Russia told about the phone call Hiddink

The Cup of Russia on football — the scope for sensationalism. As the club’s second division this tournament was won Grozny “Terek”, the finalists became “Khimki” and Vladikavkaz “Alania”. Now here on may 9 in Volgograd will play representative Football national League (FNL) — the Kursk “vanguard”, which in the final he will face in the Premier League club “Tosno” (also not the most famous).


The main Creator of the Kursk football miracle Hassan bidjiev answered questions of the correspondent “MK”.

— Emotions? It is still probably not completely aware of what happened. Trying to forget, to be honest about it at all, and begin to fully prepare for the match of superiority FNL against “Kuban”, which will be visiting on April 22. But your colleagues regularly call, remind. (Smiles.)

— Calls and text messages of support and congratulations at all, probably do not count?

— That’s right, already I lost count! It’s nice that already congratulated Guus Hiddink and Samuel Eto’o, with whom we worked in “Anji”, and Miodrag božović, who was assisted in the “Amkar” and Yuri Semin, Valery Filatov, who I played in the “Locomotive”, and then there was the sports Director, and Vladimir Eshtrekov, and Valery Karpin… Yes there is… all calls and text messages is nice, even from strangers.

— And whose role in the incredible for a modest provincial team event, especially mark, Hasanbi?

— First of all, I would like to thank our President, Nicholas Volokitin for the efforts they are making to the club moving in the right direction. My assistant Igor Chugainova (a few days before the semi-finals he for some reasons had to leave his post) also cannot fail to mention the rest of the staff. And of course, the guys, our players, thank you very much. Played with discipline, executed trainer’s installation. Fought with “Shinnik” on all cylinders! And by the way, never missed again.

— Yes, as in the previous four matches of the Cup of Russia: achievement! The latter, incidentally, offer to postpone the match on 25 April, why did you refuse?

— To be honest, because I expect to reach the final. In this case, we would have given the game in Volgograd on 9 may to carry out five or six games in a short time period (18 days).

— That is, believed in the historical success?

— And how! Otherwise why bother the players to take the field, and I want them?


“Spartak” — “Tosno” — 1:1 (on penalties — 4:5). “Vanguard” — “Shinnik” — 1:0.

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