The Central election Commission revealed the income of candidates: as earned Putin, Sobchak and Grudinin

The Central election Commission has published the amount of income received in the last six years, the presidential candidates of the country, as well as information about their property, cars and Bank accounts.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Before you is a table, which contains earnings figures of six candidates for the presidency, as well as the amount they are for a rainy day stored in banks. The list show the most wealthy members of the race, completing more modest. For married candidates, it was also necessary to report the financial position of their companions.

Data about the welfare of Boris Titov, there is a separate item relating to the foreign property of the candidate, his wife and minor children. It says that in 1996, the revenues derived “at the main place of work,” Titov spouse bought a “single-family dwelling with a garage and land” in Spain.


At the moment no there is no violation. However, as told “MK” managing partner of the Moscow bar Association “Yurasov, Larin and partners” Vladimir Yurasov, if Boris Titov wins the election, his wife will have to say goodbye to the Spanish property. “State officials, especially the presidential level, has no right to have property abroad. In case of victory, Titov will need to sell or donate this property,” – said the lawyer.

Another paragraph of the document called “Information about the revealed facts of unauthenticity of the information”. From this paragraph it follows that Elena Titova forgot to specify that in 2011 and 2012 received 24 thousand virtually any from the Regional public organization “Help the domestic arts.”Forgetfulness Titova offset the Federal tax service is providing useful information. Spouse Boris Titov has also forgotten that on her account in the savings Bank is 56 thousand virtually any.

Baburina wife, as the couple Titov, also do not indicated some of their income, they did the FMS and the Bank VTB, in which the head of the family kept forgotten 12 999,07 the RUB Tatiana Baburin not reported to the Commission that in 2012 received 77, 000. from “NPC “Nedra”.

Forgetfulness was peculiar and Ksenia Sobchak, not mentioned in the Declaration of two contributions in the savings Bank, amounting to a total of 391 720,12 RUB.

Spouse Ksenia Sobchak has overlooked a portion of the proceeds in the amount of 212 294,30. In addition, the accounts of Maxim Vitorgan in Raiffeisenbank have laid a total of 94 558,75 RUB, which he forgot, and the Bank recalled.

It can be noted that the defendants in the candidate list, which now are statesmen, move in space on the cars of domestic production. In the car Park of Vladimir Putin, three of the car – GAZ 21M, 1960 issue, GAS – 21M 1965, VAZ-2121 Niva, descended from the conveyor in 2009, as well as car trailer “SKIF”. Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared the LADA 212140, released in 2014.

As the table shows, the richest party in the presidential race is Ksenia Sobchak. In addition, in Moscow, Moscow suburbs and St.-Petersburg, it belongs to the property with a total area of 1 540,4 sq. m.

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky at the disposal of two plots of land in Moscow region with total area of 25 sq. m. 737, and eight residential buildings in the suburbs, with a total living space which is 2 257,2 sq. m. in addition, in the Moscow region Zhirinovsky has leased two plots of land, total area 3 921 sq. m.

It is also noteworthy that a persistent fighter against capitalism Maxim suraykin not hesitate to participate in commercial organizations, which in his list had accumulated a dozen. The amount received over the six years of income suraykin were Putin poorer, but the wealthy and the “right” Yavlinsky and “left” Baburin, the trailing list.

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