The championship of “Spartak”, doping and fights Emelianenko: the sports year-end 2017

“The outgoing year was difficult. Let’s leave all the bad behind and take with us into the coming year only the good and bright”. This utterly hackneyed phrase is as relevant as ever for new year’s tables and will perfectly fit for the start of the most festive toast. And at the tables of people in sports, no doubt, it will sound continuously because of the avalanche of trouble to local sports to keep do not ever perhaps ever. Doping scandals and massive suspension of Russian athletes, winners of depriving the Russians of medals and disqualification of entire federations and national committees — those events, which will remember the outgoing sports year.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Diego Forlan took part in the draw for the final stage of the 2018 world Cup, where he became acquainted with the mascot of the world Cup — Zabivali.

But we — journalists of the sports Department, Stoch this year, not one feather in the course of writing notes on doping issues — I would like to leave in memory is quite another. To each his own. What really struck a chord and stir the soul. What I want to leave with him forever, and put it in the darkest corner of the closet of memory. From maldonaldo taste can not escape, but over time it will erode.


Race off-road car “Dakar” traditionally opens the sports year, but that’s the illusion that guests of the season (i.e. the summer) will have to leave. Comfort and rally-raids — a notion diametrically opposed to what managed to see past 2017. My pilot was made by the champion of “Dakar” in the truck class Ayrat Mardeev, thank him for it. The special stage was only 15 kilometers at the test site in Naberezhnye Chelny. It is in the best case, one-tenth stage in the competition mode. However, and that was enough. In Prikamye we did not come across boulders, we did not suffer from the summer heat, we are not choked with desert Sands. But overload and shock, barely truck at high speed and fell into a rut, causing two feelings of shock and delight. People kept this rhythm for more than two weeks. And Ayrat can pilot the car, and at the same time to answer the questions of the journalist “MK”, temporarily occupied the chair of the Navigator… And the curtain awaits us brand ski jumping on the large-tonnage KAMAZ. As it turns out, the best attraction of all that managed to survive. No worse than landing in the rain and in a crosswind.

Dmitriy Lyubimov at the “Dakar”.

Makarovtsy what we used to call, the same heroes, as representatives of the Olympic disciplines. But in addition to the main race of the year, they are ready to go in the “Africa eco race” and “Silk road”, to the stages of the championship of Russia. And the remaining days to sit on the drawings in the search for engineering solutions. The best of them sooner or later will go to the mass consumer. After all, the “Dakar” has long ceased to be a sport for sport…


The beginning of 2017 was for me like a fog. And it ends with some crazy fanaticism and joy that my favorite sport — mixed martial arts — while there is no case to neutral flags and the politics of positive doping tests.

No, we are not all rosy. We have two most famous brothers argue in front of the whole community, and the public do not have the brains to stay out of this. But I look at it differently: for the first time since 2012, Fedor and Aleksander Emelianenko were together during a calendar year. If Gotham needs its Batman, MMA — these men, through which new characters and the sport is not in place.

Tournaments attract crowds, TV ratings in certain times of the martial arts was second only to football, and for a growing number of non-targeted audience, the word “pain” means no flu-like condition, and the reception in the stalls.

Alexander Emelianenko (left) and Alexei Safonov.

Not the theater orchestra seats, but no less sincere. After all, in the legal scuffle is the most important thing — the audience we had, and the popularity of crazy. And FIGHT NIGHTS, and ACB, and AKHMAT, and M-1 give its battles and events that same joy that in 2018, we are able to get as close as possible to Western institutions, where in this case also able to earn money.

The totality of what is happening in 2017 — this is the most significant event for me personally. After a missed shot in professional debut, of course. But error correction 2018 and there, isn’t it?


In the past sports year was very difficult. All. The athletes and the fans.

Top 10 words in 2017 in Russia — “doping” in sixth place. But comprehensive “HYIP” and “battle” ahead. Six must delete. Do not place it there.

And in fact, the phrase “victims of the IOC” already familiar to the ear. And we all to a greater or lesser extent, were the victims. Necessary to survive. And — experiencing. But athletes continue to do their job.

This year returned to the podium athletes Maria Kuchina (now under the name Laecken), Sergey Shubenkov, Darya Klishina achieved awards hammer thrower Valery Pronkin (for the first time in Russia for 8 years in this species), 18-year-old Sergei Shirobokov defended smeared three sheets to the honor of our hike, the high jumper Daniel Lysenko has loudly declared itself to the world. Neutral athletes of athletics, the official name for them was ANA, but we knew that they are our own!

Accelerated swimming — never surrendering Yuliya Efimova, who collected all the medals of world Championships, gold men (for the first time in 14 years!) Evgeny Rylov and Anton Chuprov, Alexander Red… On the European championship on swimming on short water under the curtain of this year the Russian team took first place with nine gold, five silver and four bronze medals, a world record in the medley relay. And Clement Kolesnikov, who is only 17 years old, then completely ended the year with a world record!

Winter roads handed over Sochi 2014 with a full spoon. But hitting opponents without getting tired. New stars of Russian and world sleigh — Roman Reelow won the Big crystal globe, winning numerous Olympic champion Felix Loch, gaining strength and semen Pavlichenko.

Triumph this winter is a skier Sergey Ustyugov, not just repeating that he fights for himself, and skiers team, which was suspended from competitions. Girls-skater show wonders in the ice, which the world had never seen such a mass execution. Evgeny Medvedev, Alina Sagitova Maria Sotskova make already dream about the whole Russian podium at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang… And skates in the performance of Denis Uskova and Paul Kulizhnikov? And Nikita Tregubov, dispersing your skeleton for himself and punished Tretyakov? And players who want to win at the Games? And the snowboarding, freestyle, biathlon, Curling?..

We have had this year a cause for great pride. And they will be for Russia, these hard-won Olympic games. Alas, not for everyone. Alas, without a flag and anthem. But there will be our victory. And we learn to appreciate each of the medals, any of the three colors. Very hard. An incredibly hard today.

Juliana URBAN

That became my main event of the year? Even at night, ask — I will answer without hesitation. The final draw for the world championship in the Kremlin. Doping the December heat not want to remember. The confederations Cup, which was fortunate to get a wonderful tournament, but still felt the intensity is not the same. Although many players disagree. Recently I spoke with a player of the national team of Russia by Alexander Samedovym, so he said, “For you journalists and fans, this may be a training tournament. And for us the real!”

And still “the Opening of Arena” summer heart so often fought in the winter in the Kremlin Palace.

I have in world football favorite men. Sergio Ramos, Diego Forlan and Fabio Cannavaro. And you ought to happen that two of them were assistants of the draw and on the eve of the ceremony journalists are invited to press them on the approach. My favorite colleagues from the sports Department “MK” just howled: so often I showed them a video of a smiling two feet away from me forlana. And I cursed myself and my laziness when nearby, at arm’s length, Cannavaro has said his countrymen in their native language, I recorded on tape, but never understood. Although so many years have promised myself to go for Italian courses. But now my phone will forever be stored in this entry, haha. Although God knows what he says.

And finally, after working on the draw I can all the suffering the girls to tell you how to lose weight in 4 days at 1.5 kg. just Have all this time to run through the floors of the Kremlin Palace: hall of toss in the mixed zone and back to the press center, you rarely have to write lots of notes. Sitting next to the press center of the colleague from Sudan for a long time watching me, even as it is said, “You don’t want to drink coffee? All write, write…” So the New year is coming soon, bro. I want to have a supply for Olivier and herring under a fur coat… But you still do not understand.

Alexander POKACHEV

I would anyway have chosen the main sport event of the year among football. It’s not just the number one sport in the world is my sport that I live and breathe most of my adult life. And by the end of 2017, there is something to remember. Was interesting and dramatic stories in qualifying for the world championship, was the transfer of Neymar from Barca to PSG for a record 222 million euros, was another triumph of Cristiano Ronaldo recognized as the best footballer on the planet and being equivalent in number of these titles with Leo Messi. But personally for me as a Russian journalist, the vast majority of your notes devoted to domestic football, two opinions cannot be: the highlight of the year — the championship “Spartak”.

The fates and duties have seen not assessable number of outstanding sports finishes, junctions and cliffhangers, tears of sorrow and joy, moments of elation and deep disappointment, but celebrating the long-awaited championship “Spartak” “Open Arena”, which is red-white have waited a long 16 years, stands alone. It is not about the sports component. Not about the coaching talent of Massimo Carrera, “the undertaker” Denis Glushakov or the scorer Quincy Promes, which was written in the past year abound. Talking about the emotions, the waves of which covered one after another of all those present on may 17 at the Tushino airfield, where after the final whistle in the match “Spartak” — “Terek” red-white became Champions and de jure and de facto.

Alexander Pokachev on the champion’s field “Open Arena”.

Like most fans, I was in the football epicenter of the planet, who became that evening the “Open arena”. Together with thousands of fans came to the stadium, finally became red and white and happy in this house.

In my eyes he won the championship “the locomotive” and CSKA, Zenit and Rubin Kazan, and Spartak registration of titles the time of Oleg Romantseva happened to you personally repeatedly to testify, but such an emotional storm to survive had is that in childhood, when on the ball, and the dimensions of the field and the players themselves look very different eyes than as an adult. The image I had seen on the evening of may at “Spartacus”, I want to pause, and it should be placed on the cover of the folder “Sports in 2017” in the archives of my memory.

Anastasia KLYUKINA

Unique, with nothing comparable feelings remain from sports fights, if your team has their own stadium, the home, as it is called. From PFC CSKA really native walls appeared not so long ago, in September 2016, but together with the opening of the stadium, the team moved much closer to his fans. In many ways, this convergence is facilitated photo and autograph session with players and coaches of the team. Yes, this practice is not new — neither in General, nor for the army club in particular. Such events were held before, but much less often: at the annual meeting with the fans (this tradition, incidentally, also continues), and not too often — as a separate event.

Now these meetings became regular. Only in the last four months heroes autograph sessions began, CSKA coach Viktor Gancharenko that have become legends of the club brothers Vasily and Alexey Berezutskiy, Sergei Ignashevich; only gaining a foothold in the first team, but clearly manifested itself 20-year-old striker Timur Zhamaletdinov; players of the youth team of CSKA Ivan Oleynikov card and goalkeeper Ovchinnikov. Not by chance, answering the question, what is the basis of PR sports club, CSKA President Evgeny Giner gave shaped, succinct and concise answer: “the Game. Image. Story.”

Recently, in anticipation of the New year, held another autograph session, the protagonists of which became the former coach of the youth team CSKA Moscow, now working with the Junior national team, Alexander Grishin and the senior trainer of DYUSSH CSKA-2 Oleg kornauhov.

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