The coroner commented on the history of alcohol in the blood of the child

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Moscow, June 22 – AIF-Moscow.

As a victim under the wheels of a boy could declare drunk?

Head of the forensic Department of the First Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov Yuri Pigolkin believes that in the case of an accident in Balashikha with the death of a six year old boy need to understand how the alcohol got into the blood of the child, reports TASS.

“The concentration of ethyl alcohol 2.7 ppm in the blood of a child is basically impossible. It is even for an adult of strong alcoholic intoxication. He stands on all fours and grunts. But for a child it is a lethal dose. And here it is necessary to discuss the question of how it happened,” – said the expert.

He expressed the belief that the situation in which the boy could be so drunk, impossible, not exclude that alcohol could get into the blood at any stage after its intake.

The accident occurred in April of this year, 31-year-old woman knocked down a child in the yard. The examination found that the boy was drunk.

Upon accident criminal case. Was appointed re-examination. On Wednesday, the interior Ministry reported that it confirmed the first results.

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