The CPS told about the risk of HIV infection in nail salons

Moscow, August 10 – AIF-Moscow.

Representatives of Rospotrebnadzor has prepared recommendations for the Russian citizens visiting nail salons. Experts warn that if such procedures are carried out with unsterile instruments, there is a risk of Contracting HIV, hepatitis and other infections. Appropriate recommendations posted on the portal of the Department.

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According to employees of Rospotrebnadzora, infection can occur when damage to the skin during a manicure. That is why citizens are encouraged to choose only those stores where they spend the whole complex of anti-epidemic measures, and also comply with disinfection.

In addition, employees of these salons should regularly undergo a medical examination and have a personal medical card.

The staff of the CPS draw attention to the fact that when you visit the master who is doing the manicure at home, the risks to consumers are increasing because to comply with the sanitary requirements of a house is much more difficult than in a professional salon.

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