The defense Ministry showed video of cruise missile launch from a submarine

Nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk” launched cruise missile “Calibre” from the Barents sea on range in the Arkhangelsk region. The rocket flew about 600 km

Photo: Ministry of defense of Russia / TASS

The Ministry of defence has published a video of the launch of a cruise missile of sea basing “Caliber”. It was produced by polygon in the Arkhangelsk region by the crew of the nuclear submarine “Severodvinsk”, which was in the Barents sea.

Video: Russian Defense Ministry

Earlier in the press service of the defense Ministry said: “the Shooting was done with a given accuracy and confirmation of all flight and technical parameters”. The Ministry said the professionalism and training of the crew of the submarine.

Submarine “Severodvinsk” was laid in 1993 and is the lead ship of project 885 “Ash”. On the water it was lowered in 2010, and the flag of the Navy on a boat lifted only in June 2014. A month later, she first stood in the ranks of fighting ships.

From “ante” to “Boreas”: how modernizarea the Russian submarine fleet

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“Ash” is a project ships fourth generation with a reduced level of acoustic field. These submarines can hit targets on land, on water and under water. In addition to the cruise missiles “Caliber” they are equipped with torpedo armament.

The Russian fleet for the second quarter of 2017 received 60 new “Caliber”, said in late July, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. These missiles are used for strikes on the positions of members of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” in Syria.

In early July, the Agency reported on the launch supersonic cruise missile from a submarine “Smolensk”, was also launched from the Barents sea.

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