The Finance Ministry proposes to create a tax haven for cryptocurrency

The Finance Ministry is considering to allow auctions of crypto currency in Russia. However, this office offers a special offshore zones. In particular, on the island of Russian and October. As experts assume, private, tax haven for cryptocurrency – will be something of a gambling zone for casino, only there will be platforms where you can carry out operations with bitcoins and other virtual currency.


“In principle we are considering the implementation of organised trading (cryptocurrency – MK) on the Russian island, the island of October. But of course, we believe it is necessary in Russia to enable this exchange”, — said Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. As the analyst of Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky, most altcoins — a “bubble” in the classic form. That is, the growth of the asset goes as long as people believe in him and buy the asset. “So to ban the work with cryptocurrencies completely impossible to not lost interest in the technology. But it is necessary to control the process in order to avoid negative consequences. First and foremost, we are talking about fraud and the services of the shadow and criminal economy”, — the expert believes. According to him, offshore area could be a way out of this ambiguous situation. Moreover, in conditions when other States are beginning to prohibit and to regulate the circulation of cryptocurrencies, offshore can help attract capital from other countries into our economy.

However, as noted specialist of the Department of analysts ANALYTICS Online Nicholas Kotov, to realize this idea in near future will not be easy. Obstacle would be not rosy economic indicators, together with an underdeveloped stock-market sector. The government such risks will not be profitable. “Now in Russia there is no even proper regulation of Forex activities, not to mention crypto-currencies,” — says the expert.

Does not believe in tax havens for digital money analyst social network for investors eToro in Russia and the CIS Mikhail Mashchenko. “I’m afraid that the desire to restrict trade assets in just one region like in their naivety with the idea of Pavel Durov to turn the Crimea into a “pirate” island, where there are copyrights and patents. Both can look good in theory, but in practice is not feasible” — predicts Mashchenko.

According to experts, the offshore for crypto-currencies will be only after there is a stable economy and minimized the correlation of the Russian ruble from energy prices. “Maybe someday our country will enter on a path of strong development cryptoeconomy. But while the bitcoin does not fall under the legislation, people who help to exchange bitcoins credited with the article, miners calculate electricity consumption and punished. In this situation, the formation of the international offshore zones is impossible,” — says Kotov.

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