The government announced the beginning of preparations for the presidential election

The Russian government announced the beginning of preparations for the presidential elections to be held in the country in March 2018. The authorities issued a decree with instructions for participating in the campaign offices

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The government has drafted a decree, which officially announced the preparations for the upcoming presidential election and gave instructions to ministries and departments during the election campaign. Relevant document published on the portal of normative legal acts under the name “About measures on assistance to election commissions in the exercise of their powers by preparation and elections of the President.”

The project has only 37 points. The explanatory note sets out the measures the support of all these bodies, including the MVD, FSB, Regardie, Ministry of justice, FNS, energy, Pension Fund, etc., in the preparation and updating of voter lists, formation of electoral precincts and delivery of election documents and other items.

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As noted in the explanatory Memorandum, the document was developed in order to ensure the preparation and conduct of elections of the President of the Russian Federation. “The draft resolution set of provisions defining the areas of cooperation of Federal Executive authorities, other state bodies and institutions of the electoral commissions at various levels engaged in the preparation and conduct of presidential elections”, — the document says.

The document instructs law enforcement and security services to ensure the protection of public order and security during the preparation and conduct of elections. Security of polling stations specified in the project must be provided “free of charge”. Particular attention in the decree is drawn to the need to ensure the electoral rights of persons with disabilities, the military, in prison, etc.

According to the draft resolution Roskomnadzor, Regardie, FSB, the Ministry of justice and Ministry of interior will have to follow and time to stop “illegal campaign activities, including extremist”, to prevent manufacture and to seize “forged and illegal pre-election propaganda materials” and also set “manufacturers and distributors of these materials, of their sources of payment”.

Specify also the foreign Ministry. It require requests election Commission to assist in obtaining information about the presence of candidates on a post of the President of Russia the nationality of any foreign state or residence permit abroad.

The Russian presidential election will be held on 18 March 2018. Candidates for the presidency will begin its election campaign and the period from December 7 to December 17. In February, two Federal sources told RBC that the Kremlin is preparing for the upcoming elections considering the fact that Vladimir Putin will run for another term. Another source said that if Putin will stand in 2018, he will be able to win, but it will be important to ensure the presence of above 70%.

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