The issue is resolved. Why Russia will appoint guilty for the death of “Boeing”

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Five member countries of the Joint investigation team (the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine) in the case of a catastrophe in the Donbass plane, EN route flight MH17, has signed a Memorandum of understanding to support the criminal prosecution of the accused in the destruction of the aircraft. This was reported by the press service of the government of the Netherlands.

What is SSG?

The money is reserved until 2023

The country groups are determined to bring the perpetrators to justice, and the agreement expressly testifies to this,” said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Netherlands Bert Koenders.

“The death of 298 innocent people must not go unpunished,” reads the Memorandum signed by the members of the Joint investigation team.

In July 2017, the group members decided in July that allegations will be made in the Netherlands according to the Dutch laws, but “with the active support of the international community.”

6 September 2017 , the Minister of security and justice of the Netherlands Stef Blok, speaking in Parliament, said that the trial of the suspects in the death of “Boeing” will be held in the court of the Hague.

According to the newspaper Telegraaf, the Dutch government has allocated for the organization of the judicial process 9 million euros planned in the budget of 2018. Funds are also reserved for the period up to 2023.

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There are questions, no answers

They must go on organizing the process, payment activities of the public prosecution and measures to protect witnesses.

Recall, the airliner Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines which was carrying out planned flight MH17 on a route Amsterdam—Kuala Lumpur 17 July 2014 and crashed to the ground near the village of Hrabove in 2 hours and 49 minutes after takeoff. Killed all aboard 298 people — 283 passengers and 15 crew members.

Currently it is well established that the plane did not die in the result of pilot error or a technical malfunction and was destroyed.

The answer to the question “How and by whom destroyed?” is not so far.

Rather, it is not those who used to rely on facts and evidence. For those who consider a political issue, all have been clear.

In July 2014, the media in “hot pursuit” took the tragedy in the skies over the Donbas. Then comprehensive data of objective control, showing what was happening in the area of the tragedy and the adjoining territories, only provided the Russian side.

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Neither Ukrainian nor American party similar data was not provided.

President Barack Obamamade a statement after the publication of the Russian defense Ministry demanded from Moscow to exert influence over militias, which allegedly prevented the investigation of the tragedy.

While the Armed forces of Ukraine in the first days after the disaster, fired the area of falling of “Boeing” artillery and “Grad”, making it impossible for the work of experts at the crash site, while the militia provided the experts with all the assistance.

Moreover, the flight recorders “Boeing” was discovered and handed over to international experts, representatives of the DNI.

The Ukrainian side was published recordings allegedly intercepted negotiations militias, proving their involvement in the destruction of “Boeing”. The content, however, was controversial, and experts directly pointed out the traces of the installation.

As seen in the picture, which depicted the attack on the Malaysian “Boeing”?

The investigation of social networks and sensitive data

You can endlessly enumerate all the strangeness and contradictions in the investigation, which stretches for more than three years, but it probably does not make sense, as that would take too much time.

The main thing — all this does not matter in the least. Formed in August 2014, a Joint investigation team in September 2016 published a preliminary report on the investigation.

In the report it was reported that the Commission came to the conclusion that the plane was shot down by a missile 9M38 Buk missile system, while other versions of the incident were rejected on the basis of the analysis given in the technical report. According to the Commission, the launch was carried out from the area of the village of Pervomayskaya, which at this point was controlled by the separatists — this was established initially by triangulation of the smoke trail from the rocket in the photos got into the disposal of the investigation, and then confirmed by the testimony of witnesses. The investigation claims that the Buk missile system that shot down the plane came from Russia, and after the disaster was brought back to its territory, what follows from the witness testimony, intercepted negotiations of the rebels, photos and videos (like from social networks and the resulting consequence and has never previously been available), satellite imagery and intelligence data of the USA and the Netherlands.

Satellite images that do not show intelligence, about which nothing is known, materials of the social networks — we are talking about the investigation of the deaths of 298 people, or about the student the fun?

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The presumption of guilt

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia expressed disappointment and belief of bias in the investigation, pointing out that the data of the Russian side were not taken the result into account.

In July 2015, when it was not even a question about the preliminary report of the investigation , the Netherlands with the support of the United States and several other countries tried to push through a UN security Council decision on the establishment of the international Tribunal for the prosecution of those responsible in the crash of an airliner.

It was an unprecedented requirement — never before has an international Tribunal was not created to investigate even a terrible, but isolated event. Russia pointed to the fact that the idea of such a Tribunal illogical and premature, and vetoed the draft resolution.

After that, the participants of the Joint investigation team announced that they will be judged guilty in the Netherlands.

The question of the objectivity of the court, it seems, not even worth it. Availability in the Joint investigation team of Ukraine, a country directly interested in a summary of the investigation excludes the possibility of impartial review.

“The objective facts and the objective reality is not wanted in the West Russian invention”

What is the missile system “Buk” and if he could knock Malaysian “Boeing”?

But not only that. Recall that the materials of the experiments of concern “Almaz-Antey”, the leading company for production of air defense systems, which developed the “Buki”, proving that the launch of the aircraft was carried out from the territory controlled by the APU, a Joint investigation team was rejected.

Russian data on the collapse of the “Boeing” transferred to the Netherlands for a long time lay dormant, and in January 2017 the Dutch side said that are unable to decrypt it and will return with a new request to the Russian authorities.

One gets the strong impression that the Netherlands and other members of the investigation team do not need any materials that do not fit into the version of the destruction of the “Boeing” militias from the Russian plant “Buk”.

This means one thing — the perpetrators have already been assigned. The allocation of funds by the government of the Netherlands for trial is made under very specific result.

Political analyst, editor of the online publication Ruslan Ostashko on radio Sputnik said: “the West would be satisfied with only one indication from the Russian side: we supposedly put “Buk”, which the militia shot down “Boeing”. All other facts, documents, evidence will not be accepted. Because the objective facts and the objective reality is not wanted in the West of the Russian invention”.

“We need more reliable evidence”

In the fall of 2016 , the Australian foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that the list of suspects in the case of the death of “Boeing” may appear in early 2017. This, however, did not happen. Until now, the charges against specific individuals was not made.

But who, ultimately, will attempt to determine the dock, obviously — we are talking about the Russian military and the representatives of the militia. The European press has repeatedly discussed question is how to likening Russia to cooperate and force it to extradite their nationals suspected of destruction of “Boeing”?

The head of The Joint investigation team Fred vesterbeke stated that it is enough to look at the media to understand what happened and who is to blame, but “if we truly want to prosecute, we need more reliable evidence than a phone call, found on the Internet, or photos from the crash site.”

Thus, at present, we are not talking about the perpetrators of the acts — we are talking about the identification of persons in respect of whom the investigators will be able to collect anything resembling serious evidence, not what is available today.

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Victim policy

But suppose that Russia, putting on outright the one-sidedness of the investigation, refuse to cooperate with the court.

In this case in the Netherlands is also prepared version. The Minister of security and justice of the Netherlands Stef Blok expressed hope that the suspects will appear in court in the Hague, but if this does not happen, then they will be tried in absentia.

The result of this process for many years will become a tool in the negotiation process with Russia. Every time Moscow will make demands for the extradition of “criminals”, in the hope that someday the Russian authorities to surrender, and agrees to give up in exchange for the lifting of sanctions or other preferences.

And what about the search for the real perpetrators? What about justice? How of 298 lives, most of whom were citizens of the Netherlands?

When it comes to the big political game, dozens, hundreds, thousands of lives are not taken into account. As of today not accepted in the calculation of lives of thousands of Donbas civilians killed by the Ukrainian army in the so-called “ATO”.

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