The lawyer of the defendant was “cocaine business” said it was a provocation of special services of the USA


Moscow, 28 February – AIF-Moscow.

The alleged organizer of the channel of deliveries of cocaine from Argentina to Europe Andrey Kovalchuk convinced that the drugs in the Russian Embassy in Buenos Aires was planted by the Argentine police. This was reported by his lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov, Interfax reported.

What kind of “coke thing” on the supply of drugs from Argentina?

According to Kovalchuk, in the provocation involved U.S. intelligence agencies whose actions are aimed at discrediting the Russian Embassy.

Zherebenkov said that 12 bags were coffee and alcohol purchased in July of 2016 and retained at the school for storage and personal items and gifts. While Kovalchuk has all the checks, receipts and witnesses to prove that he bought coffee. The bags, when they found the cocaine, was much easier.

In addition, according to the lawyer, the Embassy knew about the contents of suitcases. “Judge for yourself if he’s a drug Lord, which it is made, it is strange that it all this product is more than a year under the stairs and there was no response from his side, no,” said the Foal. He also noted that the cocaine found a new caretaker, decided to take inventory.

The lawyer said that in the near future an appeal will be filed in absentia arrest of Kovalchuk.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian and Argentinean intelligence agencies have jointly prevented the delivery of large quantities of drugs from Argentina. In Moscow on the case and arrested three people. According to the FSB, the organizer of criminal group is now hiding in Germany.

Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov also said that the various stuffing information arising around the situation with “cocaine deal” belong to the category of fake news with the purpose of denigrating the Russian-Argentine relations.

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