The legendary fighter of MMA Jeff Monson will coach children in Krasnogorsk

The legendary fighter of the mixed style Jeff Monson who is a citizen of Russia and the United States, is opening his own martial arts section in the suburban Krasnogorsk. This was announced by the head of the Krasnogorsk municipal district of the radium Chibirov on his page in social network Facebook.

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“I respect and admire. He is an incredibly strong athlete and courageous man, but with the soul of big baby. Unbelievable but true, I can say officially – Jeff Monson begins to work for us. He gave us the main condition is that our children will be trained there for free” – shared Chibirov.

In turn, the Deputy mayor of Moscow Rostislav Murzagulov said in an interview to “Interfax” that the renowned fighter will work on the position of coach-head wrestling section in the new sports and recreation complex, which opened in a former unfinished building.

According to Murzagulova, Monson buys an apartment in Krasnogorsk.

“He’s already rented an apartment and is engaged in the purchase of an apartment in one of the residential areas of the city,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

Earlier, the representative of the promotion company-the organizer of tournament Alexey Bahtiyarov told the Agency that Monson will become the participant of tournament on MMA “clash of the titans”, which will take place on 22 April in Kursk. He, in particular, said that 46-year-old fighter will meet in the ring with the heavyweight champion from Chelyabinsk, the champion of Europe in combat Sambo Maxim Novoselov.

In addition to the battle of Kursk, according to Buhtojarova, in early may the graph Monson is a rematch with Alexander Emelianenko, who recently was released after serving half of sentence for rape.

Jeff Monson, American and Russian fighter of the mixed style. He twice became the world champion in fighting, but also once won the title of best fighter on the planet in Brazilian JIU-jitsu. In December 2015, Monson was granted the citizenship of the Russian Federation. The fighter was awarded the title “Honorary citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia” and “Honorary citizen LPR”.

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