The license of the Bank “Ugra”: explanations of the Central Bank has been criticized

In March the Lower chamber of the Parliament received the answer of the Central Bank at the request of a group of deputies who were interested in the regulator by the circumstances of the revocation of the Bank “Ugra”. In the state Duma justified his interest numerous requests coming from the affected depositors of the Bank. “Response of the Central Bank, [we] certainly not satisfied because of anything response,” said one of the authors of the request, the member of the Committee on state building and legislation of the state Duma Nikolay Brykin. According to the parliamentarians, the regulator did not provide information about the problems investors-“prevalence”, which the “Yugra” has to 34.7 thousand people, who lost after liquidation of the Bank a total of about 16.1 billion virtually any.

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Also in the state Duma “do not understand the position of the Central Bank” regarding the liquidation of the “Ugra”. “Earlier we talked about the fact that the Bank is tried before a license and was normal and then suddenly became crazy. We do not understand the stance of the Central Bank,” said Brykin. According to him, the deputies have “sent a request to the General Prosecutor to inspect the activities under the control of the Central Bank of the DIA”.

In turn, the Union of investors of Russia, initiated earlier mass appeal to the state Duma, saw in the response of the Central Bank deputies direct distortion of the facts.

“The heads of the Bank of Russia … posted his answer to the deputies of the State Duma, contains fictitious data, biased mass media”, — stated in the appeal to the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin from the head of the Association of Nikolai Nikolaev. He is sure that incorrect information, which the Central Bank has submitted to the Parliament, “demand for independent evaluation and adequate response”.

The Union of investors say that the regulator has not informed the state Duma that on July 17 last year he took the statements of the Bank, recognizing its reliable. According to it the capital of “Ugra” was sufficient, and the top management of the organization has been able to prevent his fall. At the same time, the Central Bank withheld information about the approval of a plan of participation ASV in prevention of bankruptcy of “Ugra”, although this decision was one of the bases of the input in the establishment of the interim administration.

In addition, according to the Union of investors, part of the information provided was misinterpreted by the controller. For example, the Central Bank gave an assessment of the financial condition of the “Ugra” at the time of the revocation of the Bank, on July 28. Meanwhile, “the reduction of capital of the Bank from 33.5 billion to a negative value illegal produced in the period from 10 until 27 July 2017 unlawful actions and decisions of the interim administration”.

As it became known “MK”, at the end of March – beginning of April, the Union of investors of Russia sent an appeal to Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, head of the presidential Administration Anton Vaino, and the head of the state Vladimir Putin. They argued that in respect of the regulator it is necessary to check the legality of his actions against “Yugra”. In addition, it is reminded about the numerous abuses by TSB: making the “Yugra” unrealistic regulations, the dissemination of false information about the status of the company. Recall that, according to the rules, the period of consideration of citizens ‘ appeals is 30 days.

“After the elimination of the “Ugra” of the Central Bank in July last year, many Bank customers have virtually lost a livelihood. All worried because of what is happening, we even recorded cases of death when people just can not stand the stress,” — said Nikolai Nikolaev. “The state Duma is on our side, I hope soon for defrauded investors, will join other forces”, he concluded.

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