The media learned about the possible appearance in the Duma, special representative for women

In the state Duma is discussing the idea of the introduction of a new position of special representative on issues of gender equality. Candidate for this position is the Deputy from “United Russia”, the author and former host of the TV show “Women’s vision” Oksana Pushkina

Oksana Pushkina

(Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS)

The state Duma meeting on Tuesday, October 24, to discuss the possibility to establish in the lower house of Parliament, a new post of special representative on issues of gender equality. About this “Vedomosti” citing a source close to the Duma leadership. This information was confirmed by the publication of the source in the state Duma.

The parliamentarians offered to consider the candidacy of the Deputy from “United Russia” Oksana Pushkina for appointment to this position. In addition, she and another member of the “United Russia” Irina Rodnina instructed to finalize the draft law on the rights of women, which was introduced and passed on first reading in the state Duma in 2003. Pushkin did not respond to calls of “sheets” to contact her assistant edition also failed.

In the lower house already have a profile structure, which deals with women’s issues — the Committee on family, women and children. Its Chairman is a member of the Communist party Tamara Pletnev. Oksana Pushkina is the Committee”s Deputy Chairman.

According to political scientist Konstantin Kalachev, women’s agenda gradually became part of the Russian political culture, and Oksana Pushkin, in his view, is a good candidate because he is popular among the population, active and manifested itself in the struggle for gender equality. The analyst noted that women are the primary electorate of Vladimir Putin, and the role of women in all spheres of public life in the future will only increase. Another expert Fedor Krashennikov notes that these measures reflect only the imitation of democracy in Russia, which seeks to replicate existing structures in democratic societies.

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