The Minister assured that the case of an accident with a “drunk” child goes to court



Moscow, June 20 – AIF-Moscow.

Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev said the investigation of the accident with the child, who was, according to experts, in a state of intoxication, would lead the main investigation Department of interior Ministry in the Moscow region.

What is known about fatal accident with a “drunk” 6 year old boy?

Kolokoltsev noted that the sign of the expert — the Minister watched a TV program where the specialist “convincingly” stated its position.

“Yesterday I watched a television program on the First channel, where the expert cited, it is sufficient objective evidence that the presence of certain substances proves that alcohol has been consumed lifetime”, – quotes the Minister TASS.

The Minister added that, regardless, there was alcohol in the baby’s blood or not, the case will be investigated and brought to trial.

Recall that in late April in Balashikha woman driving a car that hit a child who died at the scene. Involved in the investigation, the expert concluded that the boy was drunk at the time of the accident. The investigative Committee in connection with the expert’s opinion has opened a criminal case about negligence.

The family of the deceased require the exhumation and re-examination, and argues that witnesses were press, and part of the evidence was destroyed.

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