The position of the cannibals: the cardiologist urged the state Duma not to ban American medicine

Doctor of medical Sciences, doctor-cardiologist of Alex Ehrlich urged the state Duma to remove from the bill the paragraph counter-sanctions, prohibiting the importation of drugs made in America. Ehrlich called the initiative inhumane, because such responses are hit primarily by the Russians themselves.


Ehrlich addressed the state Duma with an open letter about the bill on retaliatory sanctions prohibiting the import of medicines from the US and other supported countries restrictions. Parliamentarians plan to consider the document on may 15.

In his address, Ehrlich indicates that the policy is not going to prevent the medicines which in Russia is not produced. However, in the opinion of a cardiologist, this clause will not protect patients with severe and rare diseases, who are forced to use only certain medications. “It is important that they can die without their medication,” — said in a letter published on the website of “Echo of Moscow”.

Ehrlich draws an analogy between the ban on medications with a situation where the crew falling balloon drops for passengers instead of the ballast.

“To impose any ban on any medications is inhuman, and no state interests could not be justification in order for them to jeopardize (even try to do so) sick people. Do not act like soldiers in a fair battle, but this is the position of barbarians, pirates, cannibals!” – outraged Ehrlich.

The doctor stresses that “anti-American” sanctions first hit suffering from diseases of Russian citizens and Russian medicine “could prove catastrophic for the feature to which you are going to fail.” In conclusion, he urged deputies not to pass the bill on retaliatory sanctions, yet it has a point about drugs.

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