The public sector will raise wages, but only on paper

The government continued distribution of monetary gifts to the electorate ahead of the upcoming elections. After the pensioners, which is from January 1 to indexed pensions by 3.7%, the turn to public sector employees, whose voices the government expects. For this purpose the government has allocated 14.5 billion virtually any, which will increase the wages of teachers, doctors and cultural workers. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

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That the public sector in 2018 is waiting for the salary increases, the government announced in December. As wrote on the official portal of legal information, the funds pledged in the Federal budget for 2018 to 2020. Now, a specific amount is named: 15.4 billion, which will be in 2018 is aimed at improving the wages of employees of budgetary sphere.

But to part with the entire sum at once officials are in no hurry. As reported on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers, first allocated 14.5 billion virtually any. From them on education will take 7.2 billion, science and health by 3.4 billion, and figures of culture will throw 500 million Remaining in the reserve of 900 million virtually any will be distributed after the analysis of the results of higher wages and growth rate of the average monthly income.

Therefore, the government intends to return to the old public sector “debt” and finally to fulfill may decrees of the President from 2012. We will remind, Vladimir Putin after the inauguration of the head of state outlined the programme for the development of social guarantees. It contained the parameters on which the Russian economy needs to go out during his presidential term. Among others, there was a decree on increasing wages of state employees. It was planned that by 2017 it will be from 100 to 200% of the average wage in the region. In particular, already in 2012, average salaries of teachers and doctors was compared with the average for the region and not to fall below this level.

However, new presidential elections, and things are there. According to a survey by the physicians Foundation, “Health” and the Russian popular front, almost 60% of doctors one rate is less than 25 thousand virtually any. Even the 10.8% gain from 25 thousand to 30 thousand Moreover, in order to obtain the money, the medic needed to work approximately 39 hours per week — that is how much is the maximum rate of the doctor under the Labor code.

Meanwhile, according to Rosstat, in January — September, 2017, the average salary of Russian doctors were on the level of 53.1 thousand virtually any, which is 157% of the average for the region. There is a discrepancy between the survey results and official figures. However, this difference is associated with a high percentage of part-time among health care workers. According to the survey, 42% of physicians work for the same rate, 20% for a half and 11% on two.

In addition, according to first Deputy Director of the Institute of actual Economics Ivan Antropov, the allocation of 14.5 billion roubles to increase the salaries of state employees — not so much a gesture of good will on the part of the government as a necessary measure. The fact that earlier Vladimir Putin signed a decree that from may 1, 2018 to equate the minimum wage to a living wage. “Officials plan to kill two birds with one stone: on the one hand, to report on the implementation of the may decrees of six years ago, with another — to carry out the plan of raising the minimum wage. Plus before the election pulled the statistics on wages and income,” — said the expert.

However, Antropov doubt that the result will justify itself. “On the actual income of the public sector affect not only Federal spending but also expenditures of regional budgets. So you need to look at the whole picture and not on individual parts of the puzzle,” — said the economist.

Of course, incomes will rise. But only on paper. In the result, the private sector will be forced to go into the shadows to avoid new regulations on the minimum wage. According to Antropov, currently the Russian economy is not developing. This means that there are no preconditions for the natural growth of the contents of the wallets of ordinary Russians.

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