The rating of events of the week in the NHL: fight back!

Regular – 101st season in the National hockey League (NHL) did the sixth week. Within the top 3 we present our rating of the main events.

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1) Halloween in the series, the Rangers unbeaten

Do you believe in mysticism? Or secret signs? If not, you have to believe!

On the last day of October in North America (and other English-speaking countries) celebrates Halloween. For someone, it is an empty phrase, for someone – a reason to gather friends and have some fun, but for “new York Rangers” – the beginning of a new hockey life.

It should be clear that the team from Manhattan is a very obscure beginning of the season. Three wins in eleven games is sparse. But the game with “Vegas” on Halloween turned out at all. Defeating the brash rookie, the team Alain vigneault seemed to have opened Pandora’s Box. And then away we go. Six wins in a row over the “Tampa”, “Florida”, “Columbus”, “Boston” and “Edmonton”. Power Rangers was suspended on Wednesday, the Indians of Chicago, and on Saturday returned to duty players “the kings”. But Sunday, again good luck – 3:0 with “Ottawa”.

This rise is difficult to explain. Perhaps the new mask Henrik Lundqvist has some magical properties. Swedish goalkeeper came out to her for the first time, exactly against the “Golden knights”. Maybe the fact that forward Pavel buchnevich scored a gorgeous shape. Russian has scored already 16 points (8 goals, 8 assists).

Whatever it was, but the team selected from the tournament pits and now fits in the midst of all sorts of twists and turns.

2) “Winter Classic” or a trip to the playoffs

Last week was declared a “Winter Classics” 2019. They were the “Boston” and “Chicago.” This event has aroused strong repercussions, and here’s why.

There is a perception (rightly so) that if you are a participant in the January battles under the open sky, you will certainly have a good play in the playoffs!

I recall that the first such match in modern NHL history took place in 2003. Then, in the local Edmonton “oilers” took “Montreal”. The game was a full house (57 of 167 seats), although it is not very favorable for walking to the stadium the temperature of “-18”.

After five years in 2008, such meetings have become a regular thing. Let’s list all participants of the “Winter Classics” and their final results in the championship:

2008 – Pittsburgh – Buffalo

(“Pittsburgh penguins” – the finalist of the Stanley Cup; the “Buffalo Sabres” – without the playoffs)

2009 – “Chicago” – “Detroit”

(“Detroit Red wings” – the finalist of the Stanley Cup; Chicago Blackhawks – Western conference finalist)

2010 – “Boston” – “Philadelphia”

(“Boston Bruins” – 2nd round of Stanley Cup; the Philadelphia Flyers – the finalist of the Stanley Cup)

2011 – “Pittsburgh” – “Washington”

(“Pittsburgh penguins” – the first round of the playoffs, “Washington capitals” – the second round of the playoffs)

2012 – “Philadelphia” – “Rangers”

(“Philadelphia Flyers” – the second round of the Eastern Conference; “new York Rangers” – Eastern Conference finals)

2013 – lockout

2014 – “Detroit” – “Toronto”

(“Detroit Red wings” – the first round of the playoffs in the Western Conference; “Toronto maple leafs” – without the playoffs)

2015 – “Washington” – “Chicago”

(“Washington capitals” – the second round of the Eastern conference; Chicago Blackhawks – winner of the Stanley Cup)

2016 – “Boston” – “Montreal”

(“Boston Bruins” and “Montreal Canadiens” – without the playoffs)

2017 – “St. Louis” – “Chicago”

(“St. Louis Blues” – the second round of the Western Conference; the “Chicago Blackhawks” – the first round of the Western Conference)

2018 – “Rangers” – “Buffalo”

1 January 2018 at “Citi Field” new York will see two teams from the same state. At this point, the Rangers are in 11th place and Buffalo, and even closes the Eastern conference. Agree, the poster, of course inferior to its predecessors. But suddenly, the first day of the new year will be the starting point in the life of the clubs. And in may, we both will see in the playoffs. Anything is possible if you are a participant of the “Winter Classics”.

3) the Fight at the match “Detroit – calgary”

Often their mom, dad or grandparents, we hear the phrase “well in my day…”. And then, as a rule, it is an interesting story about what happened to the narrator in his early years. What you saw, what remains in memory is entrenched in the minds. Memories of the realities of sports, in particular hockey.

Fans of NHL experience, did not surprise massacre on the ice rink, in contrast to the current generation. Over the last twenty years the notion of “spectacle” has changed dramatically in the North American markets.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the number of fights has decreased markedly. For example, in the 2001-02 close season to sort things out 803 times, whereas in the past only 372. And the development of the League leaned toward the skilled and highly skilled players. Has almost no narrow Tagaev, who have one goal – “to cut down” the most dangerous opposing player.

Although last week the event occurred, which caused the older fans to nostalgia, and young – wonder. “Detroit Red wings” took “calgary Flames” and the guests all just went wrong. The first period ended with 4:1. Second 6:2. And final score 8:2 in favor of the hosts, could hardly get neutral fans to watch the game, if not one “but”. Somewhere six minutes before the final whistle on the ice, began the mass brawl. The fight involved everyone, including the Detroit red wings goaltender Jimmy Howard. The results of this altercation with assault and battery, the judges wrote 14 deletions, and the total penalty time was 141 minute.

If we talk about disciplinary measures, the forward of “Red wings” Luke Witkowski is suspended for ten games. Such a penalty the player received for that returned to the site and participated in the fight, though the linesman took him off the ice. The rest will leave its standard measure, and again will delight fans with their play.

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