The rating of events of the week in the NHL: Hasek pulls “Columbus”

Regular – 101st season in the National hockey League (NHL) did the seventh week. Within the top 3 we present our rating of the main events

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1) Own the road “Pittsburgh penguins”

“The Pittsburgh penguins” – the team is lucky. And it’s not just that the club is the reigning two-time Stanley Cup winner. Although without this would imply the following: the success of “penguins” in the last ten years (three of the Stanley Cup, four of the prize “Prince of Wales” and the annual status of one of favourites of the championship, headed unchallenged leaders in the face of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin) give a right in a sense, the fans to relax, and players do not feel the excessive burden of responsibility. In the end, if the current season will not be “Golden”, “silver” or at least “bronze”, the press and public it will not be perceived as a heavenly failure. Such privileges, for example, colleagues from the Washington capitals no. “Pittsburgh” in any case, its already picked up and this year is more likely to impinge only on someone else.

In the meantime, imagine, trust Mike Sullivan are in seventh place in the Eastern conference and do not show the most stable hockey, regularly flying in full (1:10 from Chicago, and 1:7 from “Tampa” and “Winnipeg”). This week the team lost at home “Vancouver” – 2:5. This match, incidentally, was the first to Evgeni Malkin missed due to injury. And while it is not clear when the Russians will return to the ice. This was followed by the defeat from “Boston” – 3:4.

A spoonful of honey in a half-empty glass was the victory over the “Tampa” and “Philadelphia”. By the way, in the meeting with the team from Florida, the penguins were able to interrupt their series of defeats in the paired matches.

2) “Columbus blue Jackets” and their place on the modern map of the NHL

But who exactly is planning to take his place on the throne of hockey this year, so this “Columbus blue Jackets”. The team of John Tortorella last week, winning three games in a row over Rangers (2:0), Buffalo (3:2) and “calgary” (1:0). And the main character and the Creator of a successful outcome was the Russian goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. At low efficiency players from the attacking group at the forefront of the defense and outstanding actions the goalkeeper. Sergei Bobrovsky played two matches on “zero” with an average percentage of reflected throws – of 97.8. And the total number of saves made by rossiyanam – 88.

On Friday, the “uniforms” won “Ottawa senators” – 5:2. But on Monday, failed to break the resistance “of Montreal”. Meeting against the “Canadiens” advertised as a clash of two top-notch goalkeepers, winners of the “Vezina Trophy” – Carrie price and Sergei Bobrovsky. Unfortunately, the first was more successful. His team won with the score 3:1, and the Price made 37 saves. The Russians managed to fend off 25 shots opponent of the 27.

And despite the fact that Bobrovsky is already the eighth match where he missed no more than two goals, his club was unable to extend its winning streak to seven games. But anyway, “Columbus” took second place in the Eastern conference and while there is a “League” schedule.

It can be assumed that in the spring we will see Bobrovsky and Co. already in the playoffs. However, if the attack will not continue to delight in the abundance of goal-scoring opportunities, then do ward John Tortorella will be absolutely nothing.

3) Alexander Ovechkin – a promise kept

On Saturday, the Washington capitals had a guest match against “Toronto maple leafs”. This was a very important game, and from all sides. On the eve of the the capital beat the top contender for the Stanley Cup – “Tampa Bay lightning”. And now was the last meeting before a long break. And of course, to conclude a busy game week, wanted on a positive note. And so it was. “Washington” beat one of the leaders of the Eastern Conference with the score 4:2.

And the main hero of the evening was Alexander Ovechkin, who scored a hat-trick. Or not? Yet it was Alex l yui!

Alex l yui – 13-year-old boy, the player of children’s teams “Niagara falls flyers”, who last year was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. It’s such a rare malignant tumor, bone cancer. In the spring the boy amputated part of his right leg, but I still yui returned to hockey and played on the prosthesis.

In October on one of American television took place live from Niagara falls, where the Studio was Alex l yui. In this programme, held a teleconference with your favourite hockey player is Alexander Ovechkin. In turn, the Russian striker asked the young man to the November match in Toronto.

Here come the same day. L yui arrives at “air Canada Centre” for two hours before faceoff. It all started with the fact that the boy met all the players before the game rolling. There he exchanged a few words with Alexander Ovechkin, who promised him that he will score today. Did not lie! Later in the locker room, our hero read out the starting line-UPS on the links. After each name the players clapped and shouted. Later began the game itself.

Alexander “the Great” scored a hat-trick, and thus helped his team to win. And he managed to get around Nikita Kucherov and become the head of the scoring race. In addition to the 18-th washer in the season, Ovechkin went to the net 21 first place for number of goals in the whole NHL history. But this is not important.

But the important thing is that on the podium that evening sat a strong man. People who have overcome incredible difficulties many faced. And I hope that I will encounter. The boy for whom it may have been the happiest day of your life. As he said after the game the head coach “Washington” Barry trotz’s: “All Alex did!”

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