The rating of Russian billionaires Forbes made a killer impression

When you read the reports that in the us sanctions, the collapse of markets or the sagging ruble, the Russian participants of the Forbes list lost a certain amount of billions, do not rush to believe it. If are the lucky who are all these geopolitical flare-UPS, threats of war, sanctions, the jump rate of the falling ratings and indexes — which God’s dew, it is just they are: the Russian billionaires.

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And the best proof is a fresh, 15-th, list of the richest businessmen of Russia, published by “Forbes”. It employs 200 people, with condition 106 of them exceed $1 billion.

For the last two years the number of dollar billionaires in Russia grew by as much as 29 people. And if you take the total state of all members of the list, it increased by $25 billion (or 5.4%) to $485 billion.

The numbers, as they say, inspire! It is worth mentioning that the entire Russian economy over the past year barely climbed 1.5%. That is, grew at a rate three times smaller, than the welfare of the 200 lucky winners. Oh and for comparison, the entire Russian GDP at current prices and at current rate not to exceed $1.6 trillion. In other words, the share of the rich, “Forbes” accounts for almost a third of the national economy. And all the other 140 million — only two thirds. And their share is increasing.

And all these billionaire”s achievements occurred in those two years, for the rest of the Russian population were marked by the hardest of overcoming the crisis, accompanied by a continuous decline in real income under cruise motto from Dmitry Medvedev “no Money, but you hold fast.” Well, our homegrown billionaires at this time safely flourished, multiplying their ranks and increasing the already impressive capital.

Moreover, within this very narrow, but very rich community, there were their little and big joy, which is reflected in the rating. Well, for example, in the industry competition of billionaires now defeated “metallurg”, which beat “oil”. The list was headed by the owner of NLMK Vladimir Lisin (the state- $19.1 billion), who regained first place, lost in 2011. On the second line another “steelworker”, head “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov ($18.7 billion). Last year’s leader, savedees “SIBUR” and “NOVATEK” Leonid Mikhelson this time only the third – $18 billion.

More good news for Russian rich — and more confident about myself, say the children of those who paved their way into the list of “Forbes” in the dashing 90-E. In the latest ranking, for example, will debut the new owner of “Avtotor” Sergei Shcherbakov, who is his stake gave his father Vladimir Shcherbakov.

Against this background, a very touching look endless conversations the last two weeks that the poor Russian businessmen, caught in the sanction lists of the U. S. state Department, the Russian state is obliged to help.

If someone does not understand: the government is us — or rather our taxes, which will be provided bespomoschno victims of American adversary regulars list “Forbes”. Now in the corridors of power actively discussed the ways in which the government will help these poor fellows.

Among discussed measures — direct assistance from the national welfare Fund, soft loans, targeted state contracts, government bonds with a high yield. All for them, our dear: to, God forbid, not shaken their highest welfare, not to lose mother Russia its enviable number in the rating of the rich.

Finally, the main “winter cherry” on the cake list of “Forbes”: the debut in it has been gaining popularity on the wave of the Kemerovo tragedy of the burnt owner of the shopping complex Denis Shtengelov. Former Siberian businessman and current resident of Australia divides 4-5 place in the list of beginners with a “modest” $600 million to Its first billion, apparently, is not far off. The gift is that the fault of the fire safety system in the “Winter cherry” as it is now revealed, it became known already two years ago, but funds for its repair by the owner and not identified.

The presence in the ranking of Forbes Dennis Stangelove gives the list of logical completeness and eerie symbolism. If the other 199 lines literally crying about the fact that the prosperity of this bunch of favorites there is, in fact, for our account, the presence of the owner “Winter cherry” as it suggests that soon after a hundred billions of them we can pay not only their money but also lives.

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