The rupture of trade relations with Russia put an end to Ukraine’s economy

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine unanimously adopted a decision to divide the programme of economic cooperation for 2011-2020. Independent authorities explained their action as an “aggression of Russia against Ukraine”. Announced the cancellation of the document, Prime Minister of the country Vladimir Groysman. Experts are convinced that will suffer from rejection of the Economics program of the Ukraine, which will suffer huge losses.

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While cancellation of the program of economic cooperation is just a loud statement, not supported by additional protective duties by Ukraine, encouraged by the General Director of “Mani Fanny” Alexander Shustov. “However, if Ukrainian exporters still are deprived of opportunities to sell to Russia products of engineering, metallurgy, transformers, machines, motors, cars, tractors, equipment for industry, pipe, boilers, fittings, tanks easily realize these export positions in Europe or the U. S. — will not work. They strictly protect their producers,” — says the expert.

Note that currently, Russia’s share in Ukrainian exports is 9%, this is less than half by 2014. Despite these statistics, the biggest share among other countries. Imports from Russia is about 12% of Ukraine’s foreign trade. The expert added that for many Ukrainian producers there is no alternative to the Russian market.

Concluded in 2011, the agreement provided for the mutual cooperation of both countries in sectors such as energy, trade, agriculture, shipbuilding, transport and tourism. The program of economic cooperation between Ukraine and Russia were calculated for the period up to 2020.

The meaning of the document was that of the country recognize themselves as strategic partners in all sectors of the economy. “The effect of such a program meant free trade between the two countries, mutual investment protection, maintaining an integrated system of payment-settlement operations, ensuring visa-free travel of citizens of two States, joint efforts in the field of technical regulation, innovation and science, and implied military-technical cooperation, — has noted in conversation with “MK” Director of the Expert group Veta Dmitry Zharskiy. — Since the change of political course in Ukraine, program of economic cooperation are regularly subjected to various limitations and in many ways grossly violated by Ukraine”. Zarsky believes that the present statement of the government of Ukraine looks more like a political PR “for another attempt to create a negative image of Russia in the eyes of the Ukrainian public”.

Meanwhile, for a larger number of industrial enterprises of Ukraine is a very bad sign, since through this program they are able to sell their products on the Russian market. “In the current situation cooperation will continue, but with the greatest financial losses, — says Dmitry Zharskiy. — The losing party will be the economy of Ukraine. The budget will be missing a fair share of taxes, which provided cooperation with Russia”.

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