The Russians began to issue loans after biometric scanning

Russian banks have begun to apply the system of biometric scanning of individuals customers, before you make a decision on issuance of credit. Financial institutions say that in this way you can prevent fraud. However experts are afraid of the fact that now the criminals can steal from the banks themselves biometric data of Russians, what will happen to the customers the very serious consequences.


On the implementation of such systems in several banks announced on Thursday “Kommersant”. The article States that the system can clearly identify the person regardless of the rotation of the head, makeup, lighting, etc. and when the customer goes to the Bank for service, a biometric image of his face is compared with faces from a database of scammers.

Thus, as the Director of risk management Bank-by-Mail Svyatoslav Emelianov, last year, the Bank has prevented about 10 thousand fraudulent transactions, the damage which could exceed 1.5 billion virtually any. The publication cites examples of other banks.

However, the head of the working group “data Protection and infrastructure security in payment systems” NP NPS Alexander Vinogradov told reporters about the other side of the coin. It turned out that the theft from the banks of biometric data of customers will be much more dangerous for them to steal passwords.

“Eyes and fingerprints for life, they cannot be replaced as the compromised passport or Bank card”, – said the expert.

Director, methodology and standardization of Positive Technologies Dmitry Kuznetsov, in turn, said that banks are going to pass this information through the channels of public communication that keeps the serious risks of intercepting the data by hackers.

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