The series “Cosmos: Space and time” will get a second season

We are United by one common passion: a love of science. There are scientists who are struggling to make science closer and more accessible to the masses. One of these scientists is an American astrophysicist and doctor of philosophy Neil Degrasse Tyson, whose face became recognizable, thanks to numerous Internet memes that hit the Internet. This man not only is the Director of the Hayden planetarium at the American Museum of natural history, but also has a few TV shows, the purpose of which is to promote science. One of these shows — TV series “Cosmos: Space and time”, which in the near future will acquire a new, second season.

The television series “Cosmos: Space and time” is a remake of the TV show of the famous American scientist Carl Sagan, the famous astronomer and astrophysicist, and popularizer of science in the United States. The original is played on American television in a distant 1980 the year. The new 13-part series tells popular science in simple words about such things as “cosmic calendar”, scientific papers of great scientists, like Giordano Bruno, disasters past and present, evolution, space, planets, galaxies, modern science and other fascinating things. And Neil Degrasse Tyson delivers exciting information to the viewers the simplest language in his characteristic manner.

The producer of the television series made by Seth MacFarlane, American actor, screenwriter and Creator of such famous animated series as “family Guy” “American dad”, “the Cleveland Show” and others. Being a big fan of science, MacFarlane has funded the creation of the first season of the series and suddenly found himself faced with his unprecedented popularity. It turned out that the unusual show attracted the attention of millions of viewers from dozens of countries, which allowed us to start shooting the second season.

The first season of the series was watched by about 135 million viewers of the National Geographic channel owned by the Fox media group. The second season is already in active development and has the working title “Possible Worlds” (“Possible worlds” — eng.). It will be released on screens in 2019, MacFarlane and speaks about it with great enthusiasm. We offer you to watch a short teaser for the upcoming second season below. If you for some reason still have not seen the first season and highly recommend you to read it.

The series “Cosmos: Space and time” will get a second season
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