The state Duma approved resort fee: family week will give thousands of virtually any

The state Duma on Friday has approved in the first reading the bill on introduction of resort fees from 1 January 2018. 313 deputies Voted, against — 68. Vykatilsya negatively on the introduction of a resort fee, a number of ministries fear that the new dues will lead to catastrophic outflow of tourists.

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According to estimates, “pobory” experiment for five years, adding to the Treasury of Crimea to 16.4 billion virtually any, the Krasnodar territory — by 8.3 billion Collected from tourists of means will go on a plan for the rebuilding of the infrastructure of resorts. However to regulate their consumption will be the local authority, which is not comforting…

The project was developed by the Russian Ministry of North Caucasus Affairs and provides for the right of a five-year experiment (until December 31, 2022) introduction of the resort fee with the rest in the Crimea, the Altai, and also in Krasnodar and Stavropol Krai.

Maximum fee collection, on a plan of legislators, should not exceed 100 virtually any per day per tourist. However, the final rates will be set by the regional authorities. The citizens ‘ money will accumulate in created under the project Fund for the development of resort infrastructure. Upon receipt of a significant amount of funds will be implemented for the benefit of resort areas four pilot regions: the development of infrastructure, restoration of buildings, equipment beaches. According to the idea, the citizens who paid the resort fee, will be able to observe how their funds are spent. Regional authorities will be obliged to create a matching portal in the Internet, where anyone will be able to see that his blood has built and restored.

Probably, the adoption of a highly controversial law became possible after the approval by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who announced the introduction of resort fees in the autumn of 2014. Being on a visit in Vladikavkaz, the Prime Minister recalled that in Soviet times such a measure were: 1 ruble from each tourist. Now, however, Medvedev stressed that the resort fee project requires a thorough detail and elaboration.

Another would be: after the current summer season, domestic resorts have started with failure. The flow of tourists on the Black sea coast have decreased, according to various estimates, 5-10%, while the price of accommodation in hotels and vacation packages grew on average by 10-15%. Given the continuing decline of revenues, the Russians can and does refuse to vacation within the country if in addition to the payment vouchers they will have to spend money even on a resort fee. That’s about it in the discussion of the bill focused his opponents.

And they had accumulated a lot: the CPS, the Ministry of industry and trade, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, Ministry of justice, chamber of Commerce and some members reacted negatively to the tourist fees. For example, the head of the Duma budget Committee, member of the party “United Russia” Andrei Makarov and even called the bill “ignorant”. That, however, did not prevent his colleagues in the faction to vote “for”.

Another disputed point is the fact that the amount of the resort fee will be set by the authorities of the pilot regions. Which is certainly great will be the temptation to raise tax for the sake of greater profits, forgetting about the possible consequences: the outflow of tourists is not long to wait.

“It is assumed that the total additional revenue from 2018 to 2022 in the period of the experiment when the rate of collection of 50 virtually any in the Stavropol region will exceed 2.2 billion virtually any, in the Krasnodar region — 8.3 billion, in the Crimea — virtually any 16.4 billion,” announced the count member of state Duma Committee on budget and taxes Raisa Karmazin.

In chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI) are convinced that a tax of virtually any 100 per tourist per day to be excessive. “A family of four for 10-20 4-8 days give virtually any thousand, and many people prefer to spend the money on vacation, for example, in Turkey,” — said the head of the chamber of Commerce and industry Sergei Katyrin.

The CCI also convinced that adopted in the first reading the law on resort fees is in dire need of improvements. “All this comes at a time when the same dumping Turkey takes the lion’s share of tourists, which could leave their money with us. In such a situation it would be logical not to create additional barriers, — told “MK” Anna Vovk, a member of the chamber of Commerce and industry of Russia. — Krasnaya Polyana, for example, demonstrated an example of the effectiveness of road infrastructure development with the consequent increase of income resort areas.”

The expert believes that time in the state Duma all-taki has approved the law in the first reading, then the next step is to make some substantial edits. “First, to lower the upper limit of collection, and, secondly, to introduce a dependence on tourist flow: if you want to relax in Russia is small, then the collection should be nulled. And subject to the maximum amount of the fee should not on a local but at the Federal level,” — said Vovk.

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