The Swiss Federal Supreme court commented on the intention of the IOC to challenge the decision of the CAS

On the first day of February court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne has struck the world community for its verdict to remove a lifetime disqualification from 28 athletes from Russia. The international Olympic Committee (IOC), which is the decision at the time and took, fundamentally disagree with the incident and is considering filing an appeal to the Federal court of Switzerland. The official representative of the court, Peter Josie said that in some cases, complaints are accepted for consideration.


Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) on 1 February acquitted 28 Russian athletes whose results at the 2014 Olympics were cancelled, and they were disqualified for life. The international Olympic Committee (IOC) reacted to this almost immediately, and questioned the decision of the CAS. As the further actions the organization has not ruled out an appeal to the Federal court of Switzerland is the only jurisdiction, which may now overturn that verdict.

“The Federal court can be challenged by the decisions of international arbitration in the field of civil law, including in matters of sports. But under certain conditions. Appeal is possible only on limited grounds: lack of competence, violation of fair trial procedures and the incompatibility of the decision with the public order”, – quotes Peter Josie “R-Sport”.

Official representative of the Federal Swiss court also noted that after it published the reasoning part of the decision of the CAS, the IOC will have exactly 30 days to appeal. After this period, the verdict will finally come into force.

Recall that the decision by the CAS was not only justified 28 athletes, but the Russian team managed to regain first place in the medal standings of the Olympic games-2014 in Sochi. Reacting to this fact, the coach of the Lithuanian athletes Martins Dukurs – Dainis, said Professor Richard McLaren, head of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) and his colleague from the IOC Denis Oswald, now look like absolute idiots.

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